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  1. We love to fill these spots ASAP. Must used the yahoo fantasy app. We use the league chat there.
  2. Still have a spot. Need to know your prospects and used the yahoo fantasy app to chat. Super active league
  3. Still have a spot open. Super active league. Please email at mrkrab3003@yahoo.com.
  4. Looking for 3 new owners. We will have a draft to divide the 3 teams as well.
  5. Yes we don’t want any anti American Trump lovers. Don’t be such a snowflake and mind your business next time kid. Don’t tread on me.
  6. Please email at mrkrab2003@yahoo.com for more details I have a few teams that need taken over. We have been around for 16 years
  7. I have a team open. It’s the last place team. Must be active in yahoo chat app. No Trump lovers. Email mrkrab2003@yahoo.com
  8. going to do a draft between the 2 teams player pool as well.
  9. Have 2 spots open. Must be active on the yahoo chat. Email mrkrab2003@yahoo.com
  10. Only 5000 total tested in USA over 2 weeks as of earlier today. South Korea they test 15,000 a day. I’m not surprised this is blowing up.
  11. Free h2h league. 20 teams with deep roster. Must know your prospects and must use the yahoo app. We use the chat feature a lot. Email me at mrkrab2003@yahoo.com for more details.
  12. And one more team just open. Must be active on yahoo chat in the app. Email mrkrab2003@yahoo.com
  13. Email me at mrkrab2003@yahoo.com you must use the chat feature on the yahoo app. We are a talkative group.
  14. Still have one spot open. Must be active on yahoo app chat. We have a lot of talkers in league.
  15. Need 1 owner to take over a team in my year 3 dynasty league. Email mrkrab2003@yahoo.com
  16. Seeing if their is any interest in a double league involving normal fantasy and then using those rosters for a ps4 league.
  17. Need a replacement owner to take over a good team. Email me at mrkrab2003@yahoo.com
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