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  1. i sent out gallo/reyes for buxton in hopes he would take reyes instead of clase. Reyes scares me
  2. well its espn my only healthy ss is torres(got him as a throw in) and he is awful....overrated. Cant trade him for peanuts
  3. saves league i would go with romano. Saves/holds league def framber
  4. SHALLOW 10 team h2h 5x5 (BA not OBP) redraft kinda need a 2 for 1 to create space (if kelenic is up soon i can grab him and worry about closers later) I dont have a catcher at the moment as well. C 1B Freeman 2B Lowrie 3B Hayes (due back soon) SS Torres OF Judge OF Haniger OF Grishom Util Cruz Mondesi Chisolm Gallo Ohtani (Util, SP, espn) Walsh (gains OF with 4 more starts) Cole Burnes Castillo Rodon Lopez Ohtani Severino (IL) Mcgee Clase Reyes
  5. The trade is now lamet pineda india hader for alonso liam hendriks and ty france
  6. ive been offered Alonso for my lamet and hader basically actual trade is Lamet Hader Pineda India for Alonso Karenchek Mckinsie 12 team h2h 6x6 redraft (obp/xbh....wins/qs/saves+holds) C Will Smith 1B Hoskins 2B India 3B Machado SS Boegarts OF Judge OF Nimmo OF Winker Util Carlos Santana Util Cron Arreaz Cole Burnes Pablo Lopez Ohtani Lamet Carrasco Eflin Pineda Matz Hader AChapman Melancon Reyes Chad
  7. Melancon gotta be the guy right? or do we think they will mix and match?
  8. hmmm doesnt look good for pagan huh
  9. We need one. This league has been around for 13 years. https://fantasy.espn.com/baseball/league?leagueId=1101
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