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  1. Do we think they roll w him over gaskins?
  2. Wont tennesee be leading the whole game at home?
  3. Its really just about maturity. If you are an immature person you get upset,bothered,offended, and ultimately are entitled to offers that you think are good offers. Its that simple fellas. This isnt rocket science. So all you snowflakes out there who do weird obsessive things like ignore offers on purpose, counter w bogus offers on purpose, whine, biotch, and moan , etc etc...please take a second to grow up a little.
  4. I find that 50 percent of my offers sent turn out to be mistake trades for me. 49 percent of the 50 get rejected. 25 percent of the 49 includes an LOL or are you kidding comment. In other words, owners are so caught up in their own nonsense they miss out on my mistake offers. P.S. If you let a trade sit there to rot that tells us something about your personality. Means you are too prideful, or bratty. If you are insulted by a trade offer then you should not be playing fantasy sports.
  5. i def like conner if healthy over jrob....but the injury concern is there...so ill take jrob in a close one. Reason why conner if healthy is better is because he has more opportunity in that offense.
  6. start gibson start terry but dont expect a big game that leaves parker vs woods. Im going parker here but close
  7. i like mixon over jrob but thats close. but u like bell over those two....so take the bell side
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