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  1. Yet, somehow David Bell says, in his gut he sees him coming out of the bullpen. Apparently he wants....Wade Miley in the rotation.
  2. Shouldn’t this thread just be called Yahoo help and troubleshooting? Yahoo vent and rant? Maybe Yahoo anonymous? For as much as people love to defend Yahoo, it’s the only format consistently discussed/vented about here and the fuel for me to immediately reject out of hand anyone in my leagues wondering why we don’t switch our dynasties from CBS to Yahoo.
  3. In leagues where having two-start SP’s is important such as points leagues, stud SP’s and older veterans could have considerably greater value. They’re less likely to get taken out of their routine to pitch every sixth day, so they’re more likely to still get two starts, but they’re also more valuable if nobody is getting two starts anymore and streaming fringe SP’s on two-start weeks is neutralized. Vets are less likely to get babied. Guys like Morton aren’t going to be worried about saving their arm when they’re putting it all out on the table every turn. Something to really think about for
  4. Maybe think about moving McNeil for some pitching. Polonco moving to 2B gives you flexibility and SS is the easiest position to backfill.
  5. There’s talk of a Reds 6-man rotation. Does that mean they all make it?
  6. In points leagues this is a huge factor as two-start weeks will be almost non-existent. This and the fact that many young pitchers are going to get extra rest. I think older pitchers will likely be less limited and younger staffs like the Mariners and Tigers will be totally devalued in points and some root leagues with weekly lineups. I believe this is the year to lean on older horses, especially on teams that have 5-man rotations. Everyone else may be drastically devalued. I also see the guys returning from TJS as sneaky assets to close out the season strong when young pitchers are getting re
  7. It sounds like the drag coefficient will be changed with higher seams on the ball. Along with the ball being wound less tight. High seams to me stands out as a recipe for even greater success for high spin pitchers. Seemingly, or seamingly, the Reds are a team that has focused heavily on increased spin rates across their pitching staff with incredible results thanks to the work they’re doing under Reds’ pitching coach Derek Johnson. Could even be the reason Trevor Bauer became elite as he has one of the best spin rates in the game now. That said, who are guys to target outside of the obvious,
  8. Strategy-wise...it might be of value to target guys like Severino, Syndergaard and Sale to finish off the season strong while many other pitchers are weening down their innings and skipping starts...or being shut down altogether. Having 2-3 of these guys could prove huge for a stretch run.
  9. What did they do? Juice it or unjuice it?
  10. Andrus just got traded to the A’s. Stock up?
  11. Trade this dude to the Rockies so we can watch him launch 118mph against straight fastballs and dead breaking stuff that would be fun.
  12. What fangraphs board is there? Is it a forum like this?
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