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  1. Great looking hit. Went down and got that ball and took it the other way. He might just be the real thing. This is not Aristides Aquino. He looks more like Arozarena to me.
  2. I don't see this as a viable strategy to go into your draft planning to do, unless the draft really came to me and non-RB's of great value kept falling to me. You still always have to let the draft come to you. I won 2017 and 2020 in my league with only 1 RB selected in the first 5 rounds. Last year my first RB was Fournette in the 5th but I also drafted Gibson and James Robinson later. Both times it has worked for me I've had Mahomes at QB so that's important to note as well. Moving forward I'm of the opinion that you need RB's early and often simply because they're the best trade capita
  3. He also had som of the least efficient WR’s in the NFL. And he also came in to his rookie season without a training camp coming off a near catastrophic hip injury. He had some bright spots given the circumstances. As a dynasty owner I had zero expectations for him to even play - let alone play well - in 2020. He’s set up to have a much better 2021. People want to say he’s no good because Alabama had all those stars but it was Tua making all those throws. And where were all those amazing Bama receivers tearing up the NFL last year with Jeudy and Ruggs? How come Lock and Carr weren’t vying for N
  4. Thanks. There are three teams in the top 4 first round picks that need QB’s. Am I that far off to move one of these less unknown guys for an early first rounder like 2, 4, or 5?
  5. I have both in a forever dynasty (no salaries) with Brady as my backup/QB1a. Our league is 6pt passing TD's and has a bonus for passing yards (5 for 300, 5 for 400) and a bonus for rushing yards (5pts each for 100/200). I'm trying to decide which if I should move Tua or Hurts this offseason. Hurts seems to have more appeal on the market and Tua seems to have sneaky value to hold onto if he gets Pitts or Ja'Marr Chase in addition to the offseason acquisition of Will Fuller. Am I better off to keep Tua because Hurts has the better trade value? Or is Hurts fantasy upside too good to pa
  6. These projected return dates have been getting thrown around for several months since before any of them even started throwing again. Somehow Severino has surgery a month earlier but Is projected to return like two months later? I think the Yankees are just keeping a lid on it and trying to temper expectations. He should at least have the same late May, early June timeline. Not “hopefully sometime this summer” which Implies it could be like August or even September.
  7. I don’t really understand how all the reports have Syndergaard coming back markedly sooner than Severino when Severino had his TJ surgery a month before Noah. Sale (March 30) and Syndergaard (March 27) are said to be returning late May / early June. And Severino, who had his TJS a whole month earlier February 27th is somehow hopeful to be returning sometime this summer?? How does that add up?
  8. Tyler O'Neill hit a two-run home run and scored another run on Thursday against the Reds. Reliever Cam Bedrosian hung one to O'Neill in the fourth inning and the hulking outfielder lined it 110.2 mph over the left field wall. He also scored a run after reaching on a hit by pitch in the first inning. O'Neill won the Cardinals' left field job with a big Grapefruit League showing and Harrison Bader's (forearm) injury could give him a little more leash. We're not overly optimistic, but O'Neill certainly is capable of stretches where he runs into some homers. Someone clearly has bi
  9. Talk of a possible outbreak. Are we benching Nats in weekly leagues?
  10. He has college and high draft pick pedigree and has demonstrated improvement in all of these areas from reports out of last years alt training site and his performance on the field in ST. The point is, after all this, how is he not back on everyone’s hype radar?
  11. I think no MiLB didn’t help guys like him build helium publicly. He could have had a full season to showcase late blooming power like guys like Senzel and Kingery did - if he had a chance to mash AAA Independent League pitching in his age 23 season.
  12. I’ve heard plenty of that but Garrett and Sims are already lethal bullpen arms. Antone has evolved quite a bit like Mahle did and his stuff will play later in games because it’s nasty. He can’t get better at pitching later if he doesn’t get the chance.
  13. What good is that if 40% of your starting rotation is a dumpster fire? With Garrett, Sims, Doolittle they seem to have high leverage innings covered. Other guys like Cionel Perez and Cam Bedrosian made the pen with great camps. How important is it to have Antone as a long reliever with two gas cans in the rotation? I guess that question will answer itself once Antone has to put out one of their fires in the second inning and gets his work in.
  14. How is it possible that the Reds plan to go into the season involves having De Leon and Hoffman as their 4 and 5 starters but aren’t trying to stretch out Antone? Lorenzen is hurt. The other two have been absolutely brutal with 8.00+ ERA’s in the Spring and Antone was lights the F out. He had a one week setback and can’t be allowed to get back into the rotation? They also announced that they have three closers not named Antone. So what gives??
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