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  1. Currently I feel pretty good about my lineup, but feel like I may need to get either Higgins and/or Harris in somehow. Starting Lineup QB-P.Mahomes RB-D.Henry RB-K.Hunt WR-W.Fuller WR-D.Johnson TE-T.Kelce W/R/T-A.Gibson W/R/T-C.Ridley Bench RB- D.Harris & K.Drake(too late) WR- D.Chark & T.Higgins
  2. He's doing almost as much as McKinnon and that line lol
  3. Yeah but Profootballtalk and NFL Network mentioned it was a go baring any positive tonight or tomorrow. I should win, but either way any thoughts on the question?
  4. As crazy as it sounds to give up Thomas, I'm not mad at this trade as I think Sanders gives you solid depth as having Hunt still gives you to weekly starting Rbs but I love depth at this position so I like Sanders and think this season the drop off from Thomas to Robinson is that bad and think Foles and Robinson will be in favorable game script for A-Rob to get his. So long story short go for it. What size league is it to have Chubb, Thomas and Adams?
  5. Ok so barring a postponed KC-NE game I'll be 4-0 in my league and I am currently playing the McCaffery owner who will be 2-2 but in bad shape she really only had McCaffery and Ekeler and he got banged up, thinking I may be able to throw a 2 for 1 deal at them maybe, since she could use some WR help as well. So do I have enough to offer? Is it worth it for me? My Team Their Team QB- P.Mahomes
  6. If you can get that I say take it and ride Mike Davis into your league winner comes back.
  7. Thanks for mine! I think this is a good trade as well, good job
  8. Lamar was awful last night, so is he now below Dak in your rankings? He played horrible in 3 games in the last 2 seasons, last night, the first game against Cleveland last season and the Titan playoff game. What was common in all those games they feel behind early and abandoned their style or play. Lamar is still a beast and that type of game script isn't likely to repeat itself much this season imo. You don't throw in the tail on Lamar based off of last night. With that being said this trade is so close that I don't feel you can go wrong either way, losing Ridley is tough, but Conner ove
  9. I have R.Wilson in my 10 standard league and would love to have a pass catcher to pair with him. Is Golladay for Metcalf worth it? For myself or the other owner?
  10. Thanks for mine! As everyone else said it depends on your team and scoring system, overall it seems fair and wouldn't fault you for doing it
  11. I feel it's too much as well, Kittle is a beast when healthy but TE has some potential sleepers out there, hold onto Thomas and Fournette imo
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