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  1. my team is taking such a dump today my goodness
  2. are ff sites going to list him as out today so i can ir him before waivers tonight? even their blurbs clearly state he's out and he's projected for 0 points
  3. Garafolo just replied to someone that he's apparently okay. No specifics but fingers crossed.
  4. It all depends on if the targets / production was due to the regime change as it looked like they made it a point to get him the ball. If so, I expect Cooks to be a WR2 ROS, he looked good out there.
  5. Brady with the most pedestrian looking 5 TD game ever lol. Probably because the game is actually competitive
  6. Maybe because he hasn't been involved as much as many of predicted, but he practiced in full yesterday and has no injury designation so he should be fine on that end. He's def in my lineup if he's healthy
  7. Who knows if they're just throwing it out there but the fact surgery was even mentioned tells me this is going to be 4 week + situation
  8. Pretty sure that DT played a lot of snaps on Sunday....
  9. He's only missed 1 game. He got hurt in the 4th quarter yesterday. He's def gonna miss some time but nothing's confirmed yet. He could only miss 2-3 weeks. Sucks sure, but not half a season. Hope some luck is on our side.
  10. He was just crushing Butler all day and Vikings kept feeding him.
  11. Watched the game, he looked great. I think as long as he gets the targets, he's going to produce. My stable of WRs have been missing time / getting injured left and right. Thinking of putting in a big bid on this guy
  12. Godwin nooooooooo Pulled up after a route, looks like hammy boys
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