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  1. The point is that Pederson is trash and lucked out with a Super Bowl win. It is good that the Eagles did not care about this. Even prior to this Sudfield bs, Pederson was horrible. Wentz should have been benched early on. Wentz played like a poor mans Jameis Winston version 2019. I don't feel good about myself after seeing Pederson continue to use that flea Boston Scott over Sanders so much earlier in the year.
  2. Wilson is gonna get almost all the work except mostly losing out on 3rd downs. Not that hard to predict. I think he is a no brain play this week. Mostert out is huge news.
  3. I am hoping for a 2017 Gurley-esque playoff run. Week 14 gave me some hopes.
  4. What about that he went up against the best run defense?
  5. The snap counts have pretty much been identical past two games with him and Mustard. I think both players are good plays vs. Cowboys. McKinnon and Coleman have been phased out it seems like. Has Wilson been the goaline back? Seems as though he has a nose for the endzone.
  6. I would not call his last game a stinker. He had 2 bs turnovers that were not his fault. Better days ahead.
  7. Let's hope he continues the momentum next two weeks. I am so tired of that flea Boston Scott being on the field too much.
  8. Keep in mind guys, he is in a contract year.
  9. This guy seems pretty optimistic ROS for Hilton.
  10. We will see if Hurts Helps and does not Hurt Miles. I am starting cuz I have to but expecting a bad game. Need the obvious bench to be not so obvious this week. Doug Gase, I mean Doug Nagy, I mean Doug Fisher, I mean Doug Pederson better be nice to us that play Miles and let's him run for Miles and Miles and Miles this week.
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