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  1. Well another postponed game for our guy. Could be a blessing in disguise for those of us that have complete games for our scoring system. Let's get one of those BS 7 inning CGs!

    It has been frustrating only seeing him pitch two games so far. He looks as dominant as ever though. 

  2. 12 hours ago, youngrice said:

    Lol.  That was from November 30th way before he put in Sudfield in a 3 pt game on national tv.  Good job guy.  You must feel so good about yourself.

    The point is that Pederson is trash and lucked out with a Super Bowl win. It is good that the Eagles did not care about this. 

    Even prior to this Sudfield bs, Pederson was horrible. Wentz should have been benched early on. Wentz played like a poor mans Jameis Winston version 2019.

    I don't feel good about myself after seeing Pederson continue to use that flea Boston Scott over Sanders so much earlier in the year. 


  3. 46 minutes ago, herschel said:

    the 82 yarder was a thing of beauty, but anyone else concerned with the 13 carries for 33 yards the rest of the game?  im starting him either way, just trying to keep hopes in check for next week....

    What about that he went up against the best run defense? 

  4. We will see if Hurts Helps and does not Hurt Miles. I am starting cuz I have to but expecting a bad game. Need the obvious bench to be not so obvious this week. Doug Gase, I mean Doug Nagy, I mean Doug Fisher, I mean Doug Pederson better be nice to us that play Miles and let's him run for Miles and Miles and Miles this week.

  5. 12 minutes ago, Drewfus said:

    It's hard to say when the standard is not quite black and white like this. I've been trying to find the slow mo rear view of it. When I saw it on Sunday I thought it would definitely get changed. But the only one I've found since is the full speed sideline angle, and it looked more subjective. My recollection is that the ball was snapped about halfway up Watson's left shin, is that right? 

    Yeah I would even say closer to his foot than his knee, in addition to it being to his side a little (meaning that if he did not move at all it would have gone to his side and behind him). 

  6. 23 minutes ago, Drewfus said:

    An aborted play can still be a fumble by the QB, but you're correct that the aborted play statistician guidance indicates the fumble should be charged to the center. 

    "When the ball is clearly centered improperly, charge the center with a fumble and any yards lost as fumble yardage."


    So given that, you think the fumble gets charged to the center? The snap was pretty bad. 

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