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  1. 26 minutes ago, Flyman75 said:


    What pitcher was it years ago that had one good year, one bad year, one good year, one bad year, etc. Seemed like it was clockwork. 

    As an Angel fan, this sounds like Ervin Santana. It seems like the last few years he's been solid.

  2. 30 minutes ago, tonycpsu said:

    Really solid outing by Cobb today, who leaves after 7 with the QS and in line for the W.  There were a couple of hard hit balls in there, but for the most part he kept a tough Indians lineup off balance and struck out 7.  It looked early on like the pitch count was going to be a problem, but he had a couple of easy innings late against some of Cleveland's toughest hitters, which is good to see from a guy who came into the season with some questions around durability.

    He hasn't quite shown the elite stuff that had him in the back-end ace conversation before TJ surgery, but I'm really happy with the return on investment so far as a back-end starter at a time when usable starting pitching is so hard to find.

    It also sucks that Corey Dickerson sucks at fielding. I know he played shallow on that one hit by I think Zimmer, but a competent outfielder would have caught it and thus Cobb probably ends up with only two earned runs. Either way he's been solid so far this year. He has been very reliable.

  3. This guy was so fun to have on my team last year. I especially loved how RW hated on him all year. He goes 5 for 5 one game and RW be like, he's garbage and faced garbage pitchers blah blah blah.  Think he can repeat last year's numbers and should be in line for more runs being in front of great players. 

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