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  1. 1 hour ago, PlayTheWaivers said:


    Why is it not just all or nothing play calling? Nothing like rattling your coaching staff by taking away play calls during critical times. Most good coaches either call plays all the time or they just trust their staff to do so.

    Pederson is going to get canned this off-season - no mistake about it. They might clean house regardless and eat whatever they have to to get rid of Wentz. 

    "BuT hE wOn A sUpErBoWl!!!!!!!111111"

  2. 1 minute ago, CooL said:

    Whaaaatt?!  This isn't really fantasy relevant, because I would hope that nobody is starting this fool.

    But is Nagy TRYING to get fired?  Did he see Mitchipoo throw into triple coverage leading to a horrible INT?  Did he see him falter in the red zone time and time again until the game was already decided?  WTF is going on here?

    Well some of us are in super flex leagues where almost all teams have 3 QBs rostered. And when you lose a QB like Dak, playing Mitch becomes appealing. I may have to start him next week if Fitzmagic does not start. 

    This is a good matchup fantasy wise so I am hoping Mitch starts. 

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  3. Jacksonville has been solid against the run. I think they allow top 5 or so, least amount of rushing yards per game. The weather looks to be ok. My main concern is Jacksonville not being able to move the ball. But given these factors, I have a good feeling Jarvis scores his first td this week. 

  4. I read something about Edelman having a bone on bone issue in his knee. Sounds like to me microfracture surgery is on the horizon for him. 

    People want to say, "it was against the Jets" but who gives a spit. Meyers was targeted heavily and is looking like the main option. 

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