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  1. 1 hour ago, gmoneypm said:

    He’s been nothing short of impressive as a rookie.

    This week he’s suppose to draw coverage against Denzel Ward.

    Any reason to believe this is a trap game against a divisional opponent?

    I have him in the flex but I’m not sure how I feel about it. 

    Wasn't Ward on green? 

  2. Grant Cohn, a 49ers team reporter, loves Hasty and thinks he should be the starter. To piggy back what else a poster has said in this thread, Hasty reminds Cohn of Prime Freeman. Cohn was also tweeting during last game to put in Hasty. Right after that tweet, Hasty went in. Not to say Shanahan read the tweet, but goes to show that people are high on this guy. I am starting Hasty with confidence over McKinnon, but not with confidence that Hasty will have a monster game lol. 

  3. 7 minutes ago, TheINC said:

    And yet he's stuck with McKinnon for 3 seasons now, after he's missed 2 full seasons due to injury. And in the 2 full games Mostert missed who got the lions share of the usage?  Hasty was available for those games as well, but he didn't sniff the field over Wilson even.  I just think expecting Hasty to get 15+ touches over a healthy McKinnon is wishful thinking, based on a handful of carries at the end of the Rams game where they were in complete control and needed to just salt the game away?  I mean start him if you need to, but we have the evidence already to base some assumptions upon, this is not just pure guesswork.

    A "healthy" Mckinnon has not been looking that great. I think we have seen enough of McKinnon and Shanahan as well. Hasty used out the game last game and I think he is going to open and close the next one. 

  4. As a McKinnon and Hasty manager, here are my 2 cents. I think we are over thinking this whole Shanahanigans thing. Some will say, OMG Jeff Wilson closed the game out against the Giants and then McKinnon was the main guy the next game. During this time, McKinnon was always the guy, it was a blow out against Giants and he got banged up because of a rib injury. Shanahan wanted to protect his guy, that's why Wilson got the load at the end. Let's fast forward to now. I think we can all admit McKinnon really has not looked too great the past 4 games. Yeah he put up some points but has been inefficient. This past Sunday Hasty not only looked better, but he closed the game out without a McKinnon injury. I think we have seen enough McKinnon and Shanahan knows he can not handle the load. Hasty is next man up and I am willing to bet Hasty is the lead dog this Sunday. 

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  5. 11 minutes ago, esprits4s said:

    Everyone remember the Wilson fake out the first week after Mostert went down the first time, when McKinnon got all the looks after it looked like a timeshare?  My bet is still on McKinnon this week.

    Yeah but that game was out of hand and McKinnon got banged up that week with that rib injury. Hasty is much better than Wilson. I was not worried about Wilson at all. 

  6. 2 hours ago, TheBoondocks said:

    You trust him because Mostert is out, and when Mostert has been out this year he's delivered

    Well then how come Hasty came in and rendered Jet unloadable and a blank shooter? 

    Hasty wasn't in 3 weeks ago. Hasty looks a lot better than The God of Plod Jeff Wilson. If Jet was getting a majority of snaps after Mostert went down, I would have confidence. But after watching Jet not get much run past 2 weeks, it has been difficult to trust him. 

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