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  1. 44 minutes ago, gbill2004 said:

    Looks like Kyle will be giving Jerick another big load this weekend. 

    Says who? Looks like Jerick is being UNLOADED on by Hasty and possibly Wilson. If Hasty and Jet are the guys going in, I am willing to bet Hasty gets the call. I hope I am wrong since I have McKinnon.

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  2. 4 minutes ago, Jetdog16 said:

    "To go out there and loaf on the interception and freaking on the sideline talking, even though I wasn't talking about that situation, I just can't put that out there," Green said, according to the team’s site. "Just for my teammates, being one of the captains. I just have to do a better job handling my frustration."

    Green said he has talked to Taylor, quarterback Joe Burrow, his parents and other guys around the league about his frustrating season.


    Dude is coming unhinged and I feel bad for him. I believe this either ends with Green benched or somehow he gets it together enough to be somewhat productive. 

    It seems like he is also in his head. Maybe he is also playing hesitant to avoid injury. He mentioned in one interview where he is not playing free and not playing like he normally goes on about things. 

    I was looking at past blurbs and the way he trained was differently. Landing differently, running differently, etc... The more I read into things, the more confidence I get that he is not washed (my eyes also do not see someone who is washed). He needs to get out of his head and get on the same page with Burrow. 

  3. 22 minutes ago, SyNdicateZ said:

    Predicting a big week for AJ. Finally.............

    Green (hamstring) doesn't have a designation for Sunday's game in Indianapolis, Jay Morrison of The Athletic reports.

    Analysis: After opening the week with back-to-back LP listings on the practice report, Green elevated to full participation Friday, per Geoff Hobson of the Bengals' official site. It appears Green will be able to gut out his tweaked left hamstring from this past Sunday versus the Ravens, which limited him to a season-low 42 percent of the snaps on offense. He'll look to bounce back to his typical 60-75 percent snap share against a Colts defense that has given up the second-fewest receiving yards per game (136.8) to wideouts this season.

    I sure hope this happens!!!

    I also would not mind if he got traded to New England.

    So do any of us think that hamstring injury he had in the off season has lingered? I would guess no just because they sat him out a while. 

  4. 3 minutes ago, Jetdog16 said:

    Correct. The worst injury of his career was a high ankle sprain -- same injury Michael Thomas and Cmac are dealing with. As a fantasy gamer I hate relying on platitudes and intangibles. I wish everything could be measured and analyzed on the field. Cause nothing is wrong with Green's game fundamentally. Earlier in the year Burrows force fed him the ball and the stats say he's getting the same separation as ever.

    Some things just can't be measured. Maybe the nagging injuries have caught up to him mentally. That and being stuck on a franchise that for 10 years did nothing for him. His head isn't in it and that's evidenced by stuff like game-losing OPI's, giving up on plays and performing terribly. It's a sad situation that the Bengals' franchise finally has hope and Green is dealing with something internally. 

    Good points. Looking on his game film, he pretty much looks the same to me, maybe a very slight lesser version. He looks far from washed.

    He needs to get on same page with Burrow and Taylor needs to draw some of those plays that worked for Green in the past. 

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  5. Anyone have info on his current yards of separation vs. His career numbers? He looks like he has lost a little bit but not a ton. He does not look washed to me. He has had some tough corners on him. It looks like they aren't running plays for him like before Taylor was there. I think him and Burrow are out of sync. I saw most of the targets this year, and burrow has missed him for wide open touchdowns. With those two plus that one where he got called for OPI, he could have 3 touchdowns. He is not startable now, but of you can stash him, I think it is worth it. 

  6. 9 minutes ago, sSektor said:

    The only thing Arians might hate close to as much as Jones is rookie RBs not named David Johnson, and even he didn't get the role until every other starting RB got injured.

    He does hate rookies!!! That's right!! Well maybe with Brady's pull that might help.

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