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  1. I have Ekeler, Mixon, Mack, Kerryon, and B Scott. Currently have a waiver claim for Breida.
  2. 12 tm PPR (redraft): Should I trade my Ekeler and Ridley for Godwin, J Taylor, and Antonio Gibson? thanks!
  3. That's just crazy but you're in an 8-team league which is reasonable to have all 3. I've saw a league where George/Batum/LBJ/Durant were all on the same team and it was a 12-team league. I had George Durant and Batum until recently when I traded Varajao, Batum and Redick for Harden, Kawhi and the Manimal. I got Durant in the 1st round, Paul George in the 4th round, and Batum in the 6th 10-teamer
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