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  1. Hyde is a great signing. Robinson getting them keys
  2. Good Night Sweet Prince. Thanks for the ride!
  3. Don't sleep on this Kid. They need all the wing defence they can get from him. Wont take long to surpass Osman
  4. Intriguing option heading into the new season after signing a 3 year 60 Mil deal with the talent devoid Pistons. Escapes the logjam at Denver and how should see over 30 min a night. Can we expect closer to his 2018-19 OKC Numbers on 32min a night? 13.6 ppg, 49.7FG%, 5.2 board, 1.0 Assists, 0.8 Steals, 1.2 Blocks or can he go beyond this and yield top 80 value
  5. Tossing up between him and Ramon Sessions for a late season Assist Flyer
  6. Without seeing any of the game, how much was he opposite Humphrey? Wont be the first or last name receiver to taste a similar fate.
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