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  1. I've seen Amari dropped in 2 leagues. He reminds me of Dez Bryant in the last two years. So much potential that you can't bring yourself to drop him. But, once you drop him, you feel so much better, especially if you drop him for a guy like Kenyan Drake in 2017 or OBJ in 2016.
  2. Andrew Luck finishes as QB2. Everybody loves a comeback story.
  3. Not bad for a second round pick. Scouts have been wrong in the past in underestimating 6-7 tweeners. (Just ask Draymond, another 2nd-rounder.) Memphis Grizzlies rookie small forward and former Duck Dillon Brooks scored 19 points on 7-of-13 shooting and added five rebounds, four steals, two assists, and two blocks in 29 minutes off the bench in his first NBA game. https://oregon.247sports.com/Article/Former-Oregon-Duck-Dillon-Brooks-has-record-setting-NBA-debut-in-109136536
  4. I love his stats, but am worried that defenses can shut him down by keying on him this year. I mean, why bother guarding anyone else on this team. Plus, it certainly doesn't help that he's already fighting a lot of nicks.
  5. This post says it all: "I Can't Stop Watching These Lovely Miloš Teodosić Passes" https://deadspin.com/i-cant-stop-watching-these-lovely-milos-teodosic-passes-1819441277
  6. I somehow got with the 156th pick (12 teams, 14 rounds) in a $800 per team money league. I had actually forgotten about him and assumed he was gone in the 9th or 10th round, but in the 13th, there he was. Stats matter, but the key is that his past performance is based on playing with European players. Now, he's had a chance to work for a few weeks with the best surrounding talent he's ever had. If you actually watch him up close, not just on tape, you're like: "Wow, how many assists can he get in limited minutes throwing passes to guys like Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan instead of ... [can you name just one]?"
  7. I feel like it's a toss-up. The conventional thinking would be to go with the second-year player Wentz over a rookie like Watson. Assuming you're in the hunt and the playoffs matter, both QBs have tough Week 15 matchups: Wentz @ Giants and Watson @ Jaguars. But, both have lovely Week 16 matchups: Wentz vs Oakland and Watson vs Pittsburgh. I'd rather have Watson for the all important championship week. But that's because I think that Philly can beat Oakland in Week 16 without a lot of passing, while Watson will need to keep up with the Steelers by running, passing, and scoring a lot. I actually have no clue, but that's why we play this game, right?
  8. I feel like people are overthinking this. Watson had 20+ fantasy points (depending on scoring system) playing on the road, AT New England, in his *second* NFL start as a rookie against the defending Superbowl champs and facing a pretty smart coach who knows how to focus on a team's weaknesses. Watson excelled both in real life and in fantasy despite not having a legit second WR. Will he get better or worse from here, when facing a team like the Titans that got lit up by the Raiders? (The same Raiders that got completely shut down by ... wait for it ... the Washington Redskins.)
  9. Doesn't it depend on the scoring system? Kizer's rushing yards give him a pretty nice floor, and the reality is that he outscored Carr by quite a lot in Week 3. Matchups do matter in the NFL. For Week 4, Kizer plays at home vs the Bengals, while Carr plays at Denver. How shocking would it be if Kizer scored more points than Carr given Kizer's rushing yards and the reality that Carr will likely be without Crabtree?
  10. Remember that the experts are trying to mess with your head, because they've got big $ at stake. Bench Sammy Watkins because there's no chemistry with Goff. Oops. Bench TY Hilton because of a bad QB. Oops. Bench Stefon Diggs because Case Keenum is the QB. Oops oops. Just follow your gut. Ignore what you read, because most of that is designed to get people to do the wrong thing so that the writer can win his money league.
  11. RusselL Wilson is on strike until his name is spelled correctly in the thread header.
  12. Huh? Where did anyone write that "Julio Jones owners should panic and sell"?
  13. Thank you! Just enough! Almost as many points as Julio Jones.
  14. Yes. Anyone who gambled on Alex Smith dominating Tom Brady was rewarded with good luck!
  15. You know what? I was going to bench TY for week 1, but after reading stuff like this, I'm putting him back in my starting lineup. Everything that everyone says is logical, but it's also universal, which is exactly when the fantasy gods intervene. Because pretty much everyone in the universe is saying the same thing, that you should bench TY despite his talent. And that's the precisely the moment when you've gotta be a contrarian. For example, the fantasy gods were surely amused by all the people who bet that Alex Smith would throw for 4 TDs while Tom Brady would throw for ZERO. This is why we play the game.
  16. As in, get stopped at Denver's 30 multiple times and kick a lot of long field goals?
  17. I think you meant to say: "'Cause no-thing compares ... to Koo."
  18. Hollins is my pick for top #4 WR / rookie surprise that nobody drafted in standard leagues. In my shallow league, I'd have to cut someone like Marvin Jones or Duke Johnson to pick him up. The brain says no, even though I feel I should do it.
  19. Coaching actually matters, as does offensive creativity. I think a big story after this season will be about how a team and an offense can have a huge turnaround when led by a truly smart leader. (Not someone who just yells a lot and expects everyone to listen to him because he's been really good at succeeding by yelling a lot in the past.)
  20. Gotta agree with this. To summarize in 100 words or less: Why bother taking the small to medium risk of have a middling QB throw a pass to a generational talent who can't be stopped from getting first downs or kept out of the end zone with a mere handoff.
  21. Nope he's not a sleeper or nope he's not a chicken joint? Or nope he's not a sleeper chicken joint?
  22. Two possibilities: 1. Giants fan. 2. Actually wants Antonio Brown and hopes some sucker in his league will read this take OBJ higher.
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