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  1. How did he end up on the "Commissioners Exempt List" now? So he is out indefinitely?
  2. In what universe is 8 points a great game for DK? So odd
  3. That was with a QB that threw for over 5,100 yards! He threw for over 5,100 yards because he led the world in INTs, and more importantly pick 6's. Not going to be the case this season, which is what matters.
  4. No doubt WR1 this week. Let's ride him as long as we can.
  5. Let's assume for a minute that this artist lady DID make everything up just to extort money from AB. Is what he did with calling out her financial issues really that horrible? I mean so bad that people are nearly physically ill about it? From a logically, non-emotional perspective, I just don't see it. I would hope that the NFL would view any allegations through a logical lens, and not an emotional one.
  6. You may be right, but I am of the opinion that if anything truly damning came out in that interview, AB would have been put on the exempt list immediately.
  7. Not a nightmare at all. Any player "could" retire or get suspended at any time. If 10 hours of interviewing the "victim" did not result in a suspension, then nothing from this "case" will.
  8. Agree, he is a better real life QB, than a fantasy QB.
  9. I typically do not like to cherry pick games, however I feel it is warranted here. 4 of his 14 TD passes in 2015 were vs. a Bears team in week 15 that was completely checked out.
  10. What scares me is that he was exclusively facing 8 and 9 man boxes in 2015. He will not see that in NO.
  11. From all accounts Teddy is a great kid that everyone loves. That being said, he will be one of the most unproductive QBs you will see. He really struggles throwing the ball beyond 15 yards. Kamara and Thomas will get high volumes of catches, with a major dent to their yardage. Teddy is the king of the check down and is deathly afraid of throwing INTs.
  12. It was nice to see AB's usage yesterday, especially the RZ targets.
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