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  1. I have a feeling they keep him down there awhile
  2. The 3 or 4 times i've watched him pitch this year have been brutal. This is around the time of the year where I dump the pitchers I cant trust and Dan-o has become one of them. I really thought he'd break out this year.
  3. He starting this weekend? Haven't seen it confirmed yet.
  4. seemed like he was squeezed a little bit and you gotta give props to some of those Angel hitters. I still have faith in Straily, you cant let one start dictate everything. I really hope he gets another start this weekend or early next week.
  5. Crap! My gut was wrong. I thought he'd hold em in check
  6. I think he's worth gambling on this week. Pretty good matchup vs the angels who aren't lighting it up right now
  7. come on everybody get on the train before it leaves the station!
  8. just a matter of time before he shows his ugly mug again
  9. I'm not that big on drafting this guy this year, cant really count on him to pitch an entire season. Dude has the goods though.
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