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  1. I am in a similar boat. River throw 3 pick no TD against KC at home earlier in the season. Granted, it's earlier in the season. But KC seem always get better of River.
  2. To temp the expectation a bit, last time when Rodger came back from injury in 2013. 318 yards 2 TD, 2 INT http://www.nfl.com/gamecenter/2013122901/2013/REG17/packers@bears?icampaign=GC_schedule_rr Guess I have tough decision to make between him and River
  3. Agree with others, need to trade DJ. The trade itself is ok but not helping you much. Thanks for helping mine
  4. Hilton for sure, tossup between Lynch and Henry. Lynch with high floor and Henry with high ceiling depends on opponent Thanks for helping mine
  5. I love your side. Hogan is best player of four involved by a larger margin. Who knows what will Bal backfield will be when West comes back. Thanks for helping mine.
  6. I agree that Decker has higher floor. Mariota has struggled in red zone recently so low upside. Kearse seems getting some red zone look. Since you are going against zombie, I would gamble on kearse. Thanks for helping mine.
  7. I would stay put. You might buy low on McCoy but you could get more for Gurley and Fuller. Thanks for helping mine
  8. None, maybe someone else on your team. If have to choose, maybe Funchess. He may not have that many target once Olsen comes back at playoff time. Help mine?
  9. Great deal. You upgrade your WR while not losing much at TE. Powell not likely to do too much this season. Help mine?
  10. I actually will play Martin over J.Mckinnon if Williams of Raven is back.
  11. Love deal 1 and 3,especially 1. Lynch likely won't do much. Deal 2 is too much in stake. I usually avoid this kind of trade and like to make it simple. Deal 3 will leave a big void at TE. It depends on your waiver though. I suffered from Rodger also but able to pick up Taylor for free because he's on bye.
  12. I will go with Dez, I always factor in my opponent''s QB. It also make it easier to route against NO help mine?
  13. Team as sig. Currently 5-1, likely making playoff. Was offered Dez for CJA. Leaning towards accept but concerned about Dez's playoff schedule, @NYG, @OAK, SEA. CJA has a great playoff matchup, NYJ, @IND, @WSH Thoughts? WHIR always
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