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  1. This is a full PPR. I already have Cook, Carson, Conner and Gibson ahead of these guys. I have to drop one. Do I go with the upside play and hope Ahmed keeps the job or go with Mehhhhhgomery and his high floor with good playoff matchups?
  2. Looking good early on reaching 93 on a few pitches
  3. Fantastic movie. I had to watch it again the other day.
  4. Jose Ortiz and Elijah Dukes were a couple of guys that I was high on.
  5. Agreed to term with Cleveland on a 4yr-$44M deal
  6. And that is fine if that's what ends up happening. He's more or less free. If it doesn't happen and he's just a BA play than fine. If he isn't hitting for average ... easy cut. My guess is that if he is hitting and looks healthy that Kapler changes his stance to keep his only good bat in the lineup,
  7. Depends on the platform. Some players I find myself mocking on the regular in the latter portion of drafts are: Gregory Polanco Corey Dickerson David Peralta Buster Posey Danny Jansen Hunter Harvey Garrett Richards Mitch Keller Josh James Brian Reynolds Wil Myers Carter Kieboom
  8. I too know all too well as I am going through treatment (stage 4) for the same disease (16 months in; I just turned 40). For his sake, it's stage 2 or sooner. Otherwise, his life will change forever. He must've shown some serous symptoms early on which could be great. A lot of people aren't as fortunate. The colon resection surgery that he just had will keep him away from any form of activity (minus frequent walks) for 6-8 weeks. He's most likely going to lose a lot of weight as well. Assuming no complications in his recovery (hernia, infection, etc.), i would say that he could beg
  9. The big difference with Posey (historically) from most catchers is that he was receiving 600 ABs/season. IF he is indeed healthy, splitting time at catcher and first base, a middle of the order bat even in the Giants terrible lineup could muster 70 RBI. He's being treated like the plague right now, but there can be upside in veteran players sometimes too.
  10. Any post hype sleeper appeal here as a #2 in a 2-catcher league?
  11. I understand, it's Spring, but Buster is hitting 0.455 with only 3 strikeouts through 22 ABs. I don't expect more than 10 homers, but I think that 2 catcher leagues could do worse than looking his way with their 2nd slot. Would it be crazy to think that he couldn't hit 0.280+ with 70+ RBI's?
  12. He's been red hot this spring. He could still give the power/speed upside if he can carve out a semi-regular role with the club. Anyone using a late pick to stash him?
  13. In 2004, I drafted a young, up and coming starter by the name of Johan Santana for a couple of bucks in my auction keeper league. On June 1st he had an ERA over 5.00 so I waived him thinking I had just 'missed' on the player. He was claimed by at last place team. Johan had an 11.13 K9 and an ERA of 1.21 and went 13-0 in the 2nd half. He ended up winning the Cy Young Award. The owner that claimed him ended up winning the league in each of the next 3 seasons as I finished 2nd in each of those seasons.
  14. He did hit 93 at times last season, but was sitting 88-91 most of the time. Regardless, 93 in his first spring outing is encouraging. People treat him like he's washed up. He's still a rock solid SP1/2
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