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  1. It's already clear that he uses Instagram masseuses for nefarious purposes. If he wanted a real massage, he would have just used team resources. His camp has already argued that any sexual activities were consensual, so at best he's already a creepy pervert. Whether or not he has committed any sexual crimes is the question - innocent here until proven guilty. Best case = creepy pervert with butthole fetish Worst case = serial rapist that will get it in the butt
  2. The Steelers have a need, but they have no money.
  3. It's the first time that Stafford is going to get to work with a generational talent at WR like Kupp. I heard that on here.
  4. This is the skills competition just earlier in 2020. Standing still, no blitzes, no defensive pressure. He is wildly off the mark. For comparison, here's Kirk Cousins in the same competition. I think most would consider Kirk an above average QB, but not in the elite tier. This is what I would expect a pro QB to accomplish.
  5. Stafford leaving and Lions hiring Lynn as OC. Both not great news for Swift, imho.
  6. Heyo, what? Detroit Lions to actively seek trade for QB Matthew Stafford, sources say (espn.com)
  7. For context, I'm a Browns fan. In my opinion, this rule is perfectly fine as is, and it's a good balance between risk vs. reward on stretching the ball out at the goal-line. Every time I've ever seen this scenario occur, it's because a defender is giving maximum effort to disrupt the play. You have to give credit where it's due, and I love seeing a player give it his all. Higgins messed up, it is what it is. Having said that, the targeting call, or lack of a call, is probably the most disappointing part of this play.
  8. You can't be down by contact without possession.
  9. Someone once told me that Lamar was the most accurate passer from the pocket.
  10. Diggs just made a business decision, in the redzone. Wow.
  11. If Allen wants to be considered a top tier QB, he needs to start hitting those downfield throws. Not even close at times.
  12. I'm not a Packers fan at all... in fact I hate their success. But I don't know how you can't admire how Rodgers plays the QB position. It's amazing that McCarthy was able to only win one Super Bowl with him.
  13. I agree here, the color scheme really makes everything blend together a bit and harder to distinguish what I'm looking for. In addition, the rows representing each particular thread appear to have grown vertically, and now there's less content visible on the screen at any one given time, making UX a bit more cumbersome. I'm still debating whether this new font is better or worse. I do like this new text editor, however.
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