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  1. Why is no one talking about this guy's monster performance??
  2. Am I really about to start Cam next week over Lamar Jackson? It’s really between Cam, Russ, Lamar, Rodgers & Mahomes who is going to finish the year QB1 right now.
  3. Edelman half killed himself putting up crazy numbers like this. He’s going to need a couple weeks off if he plans on making it through the season.
  4. This is great for those who play in a points per touch league but for the rest of us we need guys with a realistic shot at 100 all purpose yards and a TD per game. Ingram doesn’t have that opportunity anymore and his floor is so low you’d be better off playing the likes of Peyton Barber or Jordan Howard than this 3-10 point has-been.
  5. Drop the Chubb/Hunt comparisons, it ain't happening. What the Ravens have that those other RB tandems don't is the most mobile QB in the NFL. Lamar will be always be the RB1 on that team, leaving Dobbins or Ingram TD dependent RB2s. If Ingram isn't getting all the goal line carries like last year, expect 3-7 points from him every week. With that garbage floor, he's pretty much unplayable at this point unless Dobbins gets hurt.
  6. So those of you who survived Brees last week, how did you do it?
  7. It's not like anyone here has the balls to bench him so might as well just hold your nose and hope for the best.
  8. Interesting tidbit from reddit for those concerned about his production last week...
  9. This dude has been a PPR beast for 6 straight weeks now. Is he a must start going forward? GB, PHI, MIA, WAS.
  10. Just when I thought I was free of Shady's wild ride now with Rojo fumbling I'm right back where I started and will probably have to pick up Barber or look to the wire for someone or start next week. Smh
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