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  1. While he hasn't been blowing the fantasy world up, I'd still roll with Brees. McCown might be a good option most weeks, but the Denver passing D is still pretty good and Brees is playing indoors in Atlanta and there should be plenty of scoring in that game.
  2. 2QB League...Lost Watson, been rotating some dumpster fires for the last few weeks. With Eli out (and just being awful anyway), it's down to Winston/Bortles/Cutler. Going with Winston for the (hopeful) upside. Have Rodgers as a lotto ticket if I'm able to win this week and make it to the playoffs. Let's go Winston! Edit: Gabbert was picked up just a bit ago*
  3. QB: Brees, Mariota, Watson RB: Crowell, Cook, Blount, Rodgers, Bernard, Charles WR: Brown, Cooks, Crabtree, Allen, Robinson TE: Rudolph Obviously RB is not a strong suit for me here. Looking for some feedback and possible advice on how to get better? Leave a link!
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