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  1. Bit of a risk perhaps but I'm leaning towards taking it...
  2. Cant wait a week to pick him up, it's now or never. I would roll the dice...
  3. So Ive been stockpiling RB's for this run and I have no clue who to start this week. I need 3 winners. (Obviously I will start Mattison if Cook is out.) C Carson D Singletary D Montgomery A Mattison L McCoy D Thompson D Guice
  4. Need Digg's to stay under 23.2 and I'm #3 seed of 6. He goes over that I'm completely out....
  5. I was was high on him a few weeks ago but at but the last couple of weeks have been terrible. Rolling Brate out with Kelce on a bye...
  6. I think fantasy football is more unpredictable than it ever has been for sure. With that said I think a savvy owner can take advantage of the chaos and actually excel on a more consistent basis.
  7. I need the ability to cut mid-game. I'll take the zero but it would feel good..
  8. Season ticket holders want to see some light at the end of the tunnel and that would be Guice.
  9. Tempting but I think I will pass. I do think Fournette will bust out...
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