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  1. Keep drafting QBs late. Last year L. Jackson in one league, picked up Herbert this year and started another rookie Hurts in the championship game. And the most important waiver pickups aren't Tuesday night...they're usually after Friday's last practice report. It's amazing how many times I picked up next week's #1 waiver pickup the week prior.
  2. Played Hurts over Herbert and he outscored him. No other options available so no regrets. That said, his three turnovers late (and a D. Adams outburst) could be the difference between me winning and losing a championship.
  3. Exactly. Had my eye on this matchup and had a feeling it would go this way. A. Rodgers in primetime, at home, usually equals a walk in the park for GB. I'm actually surprised Henry almost cracked 100 with such a lousy gamescript. TN stuck with the run until maybe their last drive. I'm still alive tonight and it's not solely because of Henry. It's also because I managed my roster and found guys like Gaskin, J. Wilson and others. If owners don't want any volatility in their teams, they should join 6 team leagues where every player is a stud. Gee, that's fun.
  4. TN better not get cute. On the road, in the snow, against a team that knows this weather... ...pound the ball with Henry against this GB run D.
  5. Yikes. This scenario hadn't even crossed my mind. Starting over Herbert. Dallas is missing Vander Esch in the middle. I have to think that helps Hurts and his rushing potential.
  6. Cameron Wolfe @CameronWolfe Replying to @CameronWolfe For fantasy purposes if forced to choose, I’d lean Myles Gaskin over Salvon Ahmed. Coaches have trusted Gaskin most all year. If Dolphins run game looks anything like last week with Ahmed & Matt Breida vs. Patriots, then both Gaskin/Ahmed will be worthy to start this week.
  7. Cameron Wolfe @CameronWolfe A lot of questions on Dolphins backfield: This is 1st game Myles Gaskin & Salvon Ahmed have both been active so some uncertainty but I’m expecting near even split. Noteworthy team seems to trust Gaskin more in pass pro though Ahmed has shown more burst. Not expecting a bell cow.
  8. Heads up if counting on Higgins or Landry tmrw... Adam Schefter @AdamSchefter · 10m Jarvis Landry, Rashard Higgins and Donovan People-Jones have been deemed High-Risk-Close-Contacts, per @mortreport and me. Browns awaiting further instruction but all three now could be out Sunday vs. Jets. Qu
  9. Welp, looks like Higgins was in close Covid contact and may not play tmrw. Looks like my decision is made for me.
  10. Trainer looked like he was checking Wilson for a concussion or maybe his neck/shoulder.
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