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  1. He is an elite talent but it turns out there actually is a difference between Kizer and the QBs he used to have. Pair him with a McCown or a Cutler and he puts up WR1 numbers. Kizer is on another level of bad. Hue and his coaching staff are also on another level of bad. Put any other elite WR on this team like Julio/OBJ/Hopkins ect. and they would put up similar numbers as Gordon.
  2. New drinking game: When Gronk says "hard work" in a post game interview.
  3. I wasn't saying to avoid them, I was just pointing out their likely strategy. Hopefully Cleveland is able to run the ball forcing Baltimore to put Carr on an island more often.
  4. Baltimore will likely provide safety help over the top for Carr with Cover 2 or something similar. Doubt they put Carr on an island but it's possible they will test Kizer's horrendous deep ball accuracy if Cleveland has success running the ball.
  5. Does this include draft day? If so... Worked: Adam Thielen Robert Woods Kenny Stills Nelson Agholor
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