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  1. Gallman w that td streak goin on! https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/830622-my-robinsonboyd-for-his-herberthopkins-whir/
  2. Fulgham. getting it done, has been consistent. Chark has one good game w the new qb on a bad offense
  3. Gio easily. Juju isn’t consistent, swift in a time share. Gio will be the man there
  4. Wentz. He has put up points. Rams running the ball.
  5. Not gonna get anything for Higgins. Better off trading fuller or Kirk for someone
  6. Easily wentz. offense getting healthier. Rams been running the ball .
  7. I have Stanford, Ridley/Woods/Thielen/Boyd/Higgins/Deebo, Kamara/Sanders/Carson/Robinson
  8. Yes Ridley over woods. Rather have Schultz than hurst anyway right now https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/826910-gibsonkelly-for-dk-metcalf-5ppr/
  9. Confused how u have this kinda line up in a 14 Team league. Anyway second one for sure. Evans is banged up w an old qb. Thielen is On a run first team. Obj has his best game ever and is on a run heavy team too.
  10. A Rob, Moore, Gallup CEH, Jacobs, Hunt, Gibson, Kelly, Murray, Hines His: Metcalf, Landry, McLaurin Ekeler, Drake, Rojo need the help at wr w Moore/Gallup sucking. Do I just keep my team n wait for Moore to breakout? Or get a wr1 n give up two rb2s? Thanks whir
  11. Hello all, this league is 2rb/2wr/1 flex standard mine kamara, Sanders, Taylor, Akers, Gibson, Edmonds, Scott, snell ridley, Gallup, m Jones, sterling was gonna get TE off waiver (Ebron, j Smith) his: brady Ekeler, Robinson, mckissic m Thomas, aj brown, juju, m brown, ruggs henry, hurst what do u guys think? Looked up trade value juju/hurst side worth more.
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