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  1. he should be fine. they activated some emergency players today and none were RB. also he practiced last friday and kept out of last week's game, but been practicing all week. all systems go IMO
  2. Murray bc SF defense is down and hurt. Jefferson > AB Gronk over Kittle bc we dont know how much Kittle will play help here:
  3. as others have said, no need for Tampa with BMORE in the lineup. Help here would be appreciated:
  4. yeah the worry is CHI just runs the ball all game, and bitch trubisky only passes to arob
  5. liking the dolphins here. think the vikings can score tonight on the short week
  6. Which of the 3 and why? - Jared Cook - has had low targets, TD dependent, but Smith, Thomas out. Brees is back. MIN has been allow low TE points - Cole Kmet - trending up, but low target. playing 100% snaps. Good matchup. But its vs JAX game could be over quickly - Hayden Hurst - underperforming all year, but good matchup. Doesn't perform with Julio out... WHIR. post your link
  7. do i dare start him in championship week? he's playing the bucs...snap count up, no gollagay.
  8. is wayne still the lead? devonte back? whats outlook for playoff week 15
  9. econ 101. supply, demand, and risk management.... - Ajayi is an asset, but hasn't had market offer, so probable that he's more affordable and no big guarantee's need. - Ajayi probably wants to prove himself - NO REASON at all for Giants to bring back Barkley early. Rather he is their cornerstone and they should wait to bring him back when 100% healthy - They want competent offense with Danny Dimes in place to develop. Would rather have a productive RB over f'n Wayne Gollum. You don't want to leave Danny out there to the wolves...a running game helps that
  10. as title says - Hardman in the rain or Dorsett (maybe 3rd option) WHIR
  11. he's injured. no sure bet he even plays on monday
  12. it's Dallas. i dont think anyone is not buying a ticket bc of Zeke. maybe Jersey's but not tickets. Also didn't JJ just say he expects Zeke to miss games?
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