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  1. Sooooooo apparently Booker is the garbage time guy. Awesome
  2. I regret drafting him in the 7th round this year
  3. What exactly did AL say that he needed to apologize? (and CJA is killin me)
  4. We have a few noobs and only 5 bench spots
  5. These forums have a way getting us on the hype train I think But that's why I love it here....Mack wasnt a huge pick up on any of the major fantasy sites I visit, so lets hope he breaks outl CSB: I lost Beckham, so I may have over reacted...but I scooped up Reed, Mack, and Mcguire tonight
  6. I increased my bid from $21 to $42 out of a $200 faab budget on Mack....no one else even bid on him. I won Everyone put bids on Mcguire and Breida (and Jordan Reed who was dropped). This is a competitive big money league...makes no sense?
  7. Team looks really similar to mine, some studs at wr...but as others have said RB is ur weak point. Which is unavoidable in a zero RB strategy...just have to hope one of them blows up. I'd sit steady for now and not worry about throwing out RB trade offers. Thanks for your reply on my post!
  8. You're not a fan of zero-rb in standard scoring? I have faith in Hyde and hopefully Coleman (agree that CJ was a steal). Thanks for the reply axe
  9. Damn, Bell and Zeke is gonna be nasty! Good luck man
  10. Without question CJ for Zeke straight up....if he'll do it. That'd be an eassssy championship team
  11. Without seeing ur entire team it's hard to say. It looks like Zeke will be playing week one, but has a 6 day suspension afterwards. If you're teams good enough to go at least 50% until zeke returns, i think you should pull the trigger. I like the CJ for zeke straight up, but i doubt he'd go for that.
  12. no way, I would recommend staying put. That trade weakens ur overall team imo
  13. how is DMC on the waivers? PICK HIM UP IMMEDIATELY
  14. Your team looks insane after Zekes suspension is over. I don't think you'll have a problem at least winning 50% of games until then with your strong WR corps.
  15. No way, you can get way more value for Kelce. Try targeting Carlos Hyde, Christian McCaffery or Kareem Hunt
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