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  1. 12 Team H2H 9 Cat (Punt TOs)


    My: Eric Bledsoe and Otto Porter Junior 

    For: Kemba Walker


    I thought I was solid until the whole AD debacle so I'm looking to make some moves.  Other owner wants some depth, thoughts on this trade? (I can throw in Josh Jackson or Jeff Green as well).  Thoughts on this offer?   I would be offering. WHIR

  2. 12 Team H2H 9 Cat (punt T/Os)


    My: Jarrett Allen

    For: Clint Capella


    Also considering:


    My: Jarrett Allen and Justice Winslow

    For: Clint Capella and Jeff Teague (or Darren Collison) ; I could use a few more assists. 


    I am currently sitting at first and am pretty locked for at least making playoffs.  I have AD on IR, but I think I can afford to stash Capella.  Other owner is currently 7th and dropping with both Capella and RoCo out.  Thoughts ?  WHIR

  3. 9 minutes ago, Gohawks said:

    Giannis is going to win MVP. Honestly, if I was a betting man that's one of the easiest bets to make before the season. The media tends to make up their mind and it's easy to see if you follow them. Two years ago all the talk was about Westbrook and his pursuit for the triple double, last year it was Harden potentially getting "robbed" back to back, and this year it was the rise of Giannis. Now that he Bucks are first seed it's pretty much all over. 


    I would have agreed with this statement earlier this season, but James Harden is making a strong case for MVP with the historic run he is on.  CP3 down, Eric Gordon down, Ariza traded and they are tied for 4th in a very competitive West and just went 7-1 in their last 8 (since CP3 went down) beating GSW, DEN, OKC, BOS, MEM, NOL, SAN.  Over the last 8 games Harden is averaging: 40.4 PTS/ 6.9 3PTs/ 6.4 REBs/ 9.8 ASTs/ 1.5 STLs/ 1.0 BLKs.  Savage

    He probably won't keep it up, but if he somehow does, I don't see how he's not a back-to-back MVP.


    20 minutes ago, Trade Monster said:

    That could be any player. I'm curious who you have on your team. I can probably pick 6 players who could have random DNPs.


    Roster is in my signature and while that is true of any player, I believe it is more true of players on teams that have no incentive to win.  


    When I say sell high, I mean trade Booker for a player of similar production (perhaps slightly less) but with less chance of rest.  Say a Kemba Walker?  Bradley Beal? 

  5. Thoughts on selling high on Booker?  It seems like we go through the same cycle.  He gets hurt and we all scream "Sell high when he's healthy!" Then he gets healthy and puts up top 15 value (no surprise) and we can't believe we thought to ever  trade him...  I'm torn.  The risk of a shut down is always looming but the possibility of a 1st round finish is very possible and extremely enticing.  

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  6. 6 hours ago, Illdrago said:

    Traded Conley for Nurk and picked up Rondo. Just feel like the Grizz are playing a dangerous game with his health. Also the playoff picture in the west is cloudy, if Memphis dont make it, Conley would automatically be a shut down candidate. 


    I see your points, but I agree with RipCity.  You sold low.  Not horrible if you need a center, but I think Conley's owners, if they are looking to sell, can reach higher.

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  7. Anyone thinking of selling high on Conley?  I was high on Conley pre-draft (late 4th for me behind Bledsoe), but he has far exceeded my expectations.  Any concern of the hamstring being a lingering issue and random DNPs ROS?  


    Thinking if I should package him off for someone with better track record for health in the top 30 range (Beal, Middleton, etc).  Or is everyone just riding and hoping the wheels don't fall off?

  8. 1 hour ago, megaplayboy said:

    I wanna be in a league where they allow you to grab Harden and AD in a 12 team 


    Not to derail, but I obviously traded for him... 


    And my question was legitimate.  If you're dropping JJJ, who are you picking up?  I think that's a valid question to be asking if you're going to drop someone with his upside.

  9. I'm not one to panic, especially compared to many members of these forums where there is a tendency for mass hysteria.  That being said, I am also concerned with Allen.  I have been trying to sell him after any solid stretch of games, but so far no takers.  I am not trying to unload him for pennies, nickles, or even dimes, but he is not going to justify the spot where I drafted him (5th round which was admittedly too early).  Although he is solid and doesn't hurt you anywhere, many of us drafted him for his blocks which is a category he has been very disappointing in as of late.  The blocks need to tick back up to warrant him being your #2 center.


    Personally, I am waiting for a string of favorable match ups against big ball line-ups and sending offers to get a better return on my investment.

  10. 24 minutes ago, malixx said:

    i dropped Shai and picked up Tyler...hopefully i wont regret it 


    Gotta go with upside malixx.  SGA is only going to get better as the season progresses and he gets more comfortable.  Tyler is solid but his ceiling is low whereas with SGA, we have no idea where that ceiling is, but I would bet high. 

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  11. What kind of leagues are you playing in if you're dropping JJJ...  


    I mean who on the wire has that kind of upside to put up 2-2-2 on any given night with good percentages.  I can understand if you're in a 8 team league, but in 12+ team leagues I think it's absurd.  But then again, I don't play in public leagues so I have no idea what kind of jungle those are

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