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  1. I have the same thoughts as well. Not to mention Love coming back.
  2. Buy-low? Or is the ankle going to be a lingering concern? Not to mention the Rose / Thibs bromance factor. I had really high hopes for Teague finishing with mid round value (or higher) but there are a lot of new variables in play this season. What do you guys think?
  3. Agreed. Player A: 62% fg, 79% ft, 16.5 pts, 10.5 rebs, 2.5 assists, 0.7 steals, 0.9 blocks Player B: 54% fg, 84% ft, 15.3 pts, 11.8 rebs, 2.1 assists, 0.4 steals, 0.5 blocks Player A is Ayton, ranked 35. Player B is Enes Kanter, ranked 82. There is a tendency to overlook the significance of defensive stats because .5 vs .9 may not appear to be a huge gap, however, it is quite significant. 1.1 Blks is the difference between a top 30 player vs a mid round player. If Enes Kanter got an additional 1.1 BLKs per game, he'd be a top 20 player.
  4. I thought that's the whole idea of buying low... to send out offers before he turns it up second half. Also, I think to disregard other variables is short sighted. For instance, an owner who has been consistently losing and can't wait for the second half turn around. It's fantasy basketball, people panic. Doubts creep in and people make silly moves. That's how buying-low usually works..
  5. I agree with Draymond Green. His value can't be much lower.
  6. I wonder, will his usage increase as the season progresses? I would love to see a consistent 30-32 minutes out of him. If he gets that, he may have that break out we were all hoping for.
  7. Warriors are fine. That's why they are taking their time with Curry. They know that barring catastrophe, they are going to cruise to the conference finals and probably a championship. Media just needs things to talk about in November and December, but come playoff time, I really don't see a team on the West that is giving them any problems. Everyone else is fighting for second place.
  8. Think you got bigger problems than fantasy basketball mate. That being said, I think Ricky will turn it around. If I remember correctly, he's a second half of the season type of player anyways. He's on my buy-low list... like low
  9. This. He was drafted at his ceiling, but I say he still has a chance to finish top 30-40 which is still a buy-low considering where he's at right now. He can definitely improve upon his current numbers.
  10. LaMarcus Aldridge a buy low? His FG% has really brought down his value, but he is otherwise performing well in his other categories.
  11. This is exactly where I have him. Lots of ball handlers ins Milwaukee and some nights the ball is going to be dominated by the hot hand. There is a big difference between 2 3's and 2 stls per night vs 1.5 and 1.5. which is closer to what he will average in 30 minutes. I would love a top 30 finish, but I think 40-50 range is where he will be at barring an injury to Middleton, Brogdon or Giannis.
  12. Depends what you consider a breakout. I think he has room to improve, but he's still so raw and will be up and down all season.
  13. KD is leaving if they win this year. He did what he came to do winning 3 championships and 2-3 finals MVPs. He's aiming to claim the title of best player in the world and won't be able to do that on GSW. He'll need to be the clear cut #1 option on his own team to do that and I imagine he will continue following the LeBron route and try to take his own team to the finals. KD may be the best player on GSW, but the Warriors are Steph's team. I was living in Oakland during their reign and the Bay loves Curry. Ain't no one buying KD t-shirts out there.
  14. Trades I won: My: Jimmy Butler + Doncic for James Harden Trades I lost: My: WCJ for OPJ (good move by OPJ owner early in the season. Gotta give him props. This trade still burns pretty bad) Yet to be seen: My: Gallinari for JJJ (I typically always try to move injury prone players for stability or upside) My: Brook Lopez for Gordon Hayward (Lopez has been going off, recently so I've been feeling stupid, but it happens).
  15. This. I don't have him, but my sentiments exactly. I hope he has a speedy recovery.
  16. I know the move is to hold, but I am really trying to move OPJ and not have to deal with this headache. I'm really just looking for one or two big games in a row to package him off.
  17. Selling low is simply not a smart move. Buying low might not be a good idea, but selling low is a terrible idea. His value can't get much worse than these last couple games. Wait for a decent line and try to sell.
  18. Definitely worth it for the upside. Just expect the ups and downs of holding a rookie on a team that is competing. He's been shooting the 3ball well and if he can manage one 3 a game, he will be a solid PG with great defensive stats that won't hurt you anywhere. Patience is the key with this one.
  19. Yes! Just picked him up and I don't really care about the scoring, so long as he gets 3's, assists, and defensive numbers. Definitely, think he can get back to 1.5 stls per game.
  20. When I say sell high, I mean if Harrell is performing at a top 50 level currently, I would make the offer for someone who has shown that they can finish at a top 60-70 level. The appeal to that owner would be that if he believed Harrell is going to maintain his current production (top 50) he would in theory "win" that trade. Whereas for the owner selling high, he mitigates risk of that player regressing, thus selling high. The question on who is buying is has much to do with which owner thinks Harrell can maintain or exceed his current performance.
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