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  1. I think a Buy-Low window for a clear cut 1st round player simply means that there's an opportunity to buy that player.  That typically means you can get them for fairish value  (i.e. two established top 30ish players in 12 teamers).  If they are performing, owners aren't selling unless you are grossly overpaying, no one is trading their first pick to get "fair" value back; in competitive leagues that is.  In amateur leagues, anything goes.

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  2. 4 minutes ago, triple_threat said:

    PG Simmons Teague Dunn

    SG Jaylen Bazemore Hart

    SF  Doncic Covington Melo

    PF/C Embiid Gobert Capella Collins Mitchell Robinson


    I dont know whether im selling low or if im selling high but i got 2 offers


    De'Aaron Fox/ MarKieff for Capela/Covington


    Trae young/Rudy gay for Capela Covington


    Not sure what to do lol.


    You should reject those offers and in the future post in the Assistant Coach forum.

  3. I tried selling high early in the season with no serious biters until finally settling for JJJ (which I thought was a steal at the time).  Now I see him continuing to putt up top 30 numbers as I lose FT week after week.  


    If he  can stay healthy he is going to win many owners their league this year including the guy I traded him to who is now in 2nd place.


    Enjoy the ride boys 

  4. Picked him back up again, couldn’t stand the thought of him going off on someone else’s team. Looks like we’re going to have to ride this one out.


    SGA has a nice stroke but unless he looks to be more assertive on offense, I have a hard time seeing him average a 3 a game (I’d be happy with .8). He still defers a lot on offense and passes up open looks.

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  5. 10 hours ago, ShopHeirlooms said:

    How much do you guys believe in JJJ? I’m thinking about ridding myself of D’Angelo Russell for him.  The offer’s sitting there. I feel like JJJ has the opportunity to feast in Memphis, but I keep reading & hearing about foul trouble.  


    I've been debating almost the exact same trade and its hard to say.  The upside is definitely there and if he can figure out how to stay out of foul trouble this season, he has the all around better fantasy game.  That being said, he has given no indication whatsoever that he has come close to figuring that problem out.

  6. What he needs, are freaking minutes.  Coaching like this drives me nuts.  He'll produce in 25-28 minutes a night, but he won't be having the breakout we all hoped for with under 28 minutes a game.  I would love to see him around 30-32 minutes consistently; I dream of what he can do with 34 minutes on a nightly basis..

  7. 20 minutes ago, Benjamin1984 said:

    7/10 from the field with 3 blocks sounds good to me. Anyone that was relying on him to post monster rebounds was not paying attention. He's been extremely efficient and is delivering in the hardest category to fill. Rebounds are easy as hell to get.


    It's not that people were expecting monster rebounds, but most people burned a 4th round pick for Turner.  He needs to do more to warrant such a high draft spot.  Not getting rebounds from one of you centers hurts, unless he is your 3rd or 4th center and if that was the case, you could have just drafted Lopez much cheaper.

  8. I have him on my Buy-low list, sort of, but I'm also tempering my expectations.  That Celtics squad is stacked and they have so many options on offense.  That being said, Gordon is a good NBA player and his numbers will increase with the minutes.  I just don't expect him to have close to the same numbers he did in Utah, at least not on a nightly basis.

  9. He shows a lot of promise, but he's going to take time to develop.  He a solid defender, but can be tentative on offense and defers more than he should.  Hopefully, that will change with more time and more minutes, but he will need to show confidence in his decision making if he wants to be a starting PG in the NBA.  I think he will get there, hopefully sooner than later.

  10. 15 minutes ago, SolariNatividad said:

    Traded him away for Jamal Murray.. hopefully i sold high and bought low...

    But i think you just ride him till the wheel falls off if no one bites... I mean you almost got him for free right?? :lol::lol:

    That was the exact player I was targeting, but no go.  After tonight I think the window on Murray is closing.  I agree with Stifle, Gallo is a tough sell to anyone who's drafted him.  The risk of injury is just too real.

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