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  1. 10 Team H2H Points League: My: Kevin Durant (39), Myles Turner (25.5), Jayson Tatum (23), Brook Lopez (22.7) For: Damian Lillard (37), Kevin Love (32.8), Eric Bledsoe (23.9), Tobias Harris (25.2) I am giving up the best player in KD and I am selling low on Turner, but is this still a good trade for me? WHIR!
  2. Vucevic was a sell high earlier in the season, but has been trending down and regressing towards his mean.
  3. I personally don't veto trades unless there is collusion, but I would be very tempted to veto this. Embiid for Love is barely fair. Turner>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Waiters
  4. This is though. I think Rubio is a good buy-low target and he has top 30 upside (especially if you're punting TOs). Favors has short term-value. I tend to go with the best player when trades are close so in this case, package A looks good for me. Medium risk, high reward trade.
  5. 10 team H2H Points League Willie Caulie Stein Taureen Prince John Henson Rodney Hood Jamal Murray Really interested to hear what people think. Which players are most likely to break out by ASB? WHIR!
  6. He has consistently proven to be inconsistent. Nothing new to see here. (Speaking as a current Henson owner).
  7. Definitely do it. There's risk with Embiid but his upside is so huge; Kristaps has some risk of injury as well. Otto >>> DSJ.
  8. Rank these players for the rest of the season in a points league? Brook Lopez (23.7) Jayson Tatum (22.9) John Collins (22.3) WHIR!
  9. I'd take Middleton right now. Conley could finish higher, but Middleton is safer.
  10. I would stay put. When Butler was at an all time low I was offering Klay + Beverely for Butler and couldn't get it done.
  11. Kyrie and Klay is not enough for Boogie. If you can get Boogie for that, run with it and don't look back.
  12. 10 team H2H Points League My: Myles Turner (26.6) + Mike Conley (21.3) For: Chris Paul (???) or My: Myles Turner (26.6) + Mike Conley (21.3) + Dennis Schroder (28.8) + Al Horford (33.8) For: Chris Paul (???) + Nikola Jokic (41) Is this selling wayyy to low on Turner and Conley? Feels like it... but there's plenty of talent on the wire... Talk me off the ledge ( I would be accepting). WHIR
  13. I think you gotta take this one man. It's risky sure, but if Conley starts to perform how he usually does, he and Griffin will have similar value. Middleton may lose some usage, but he's still solid and will return top 40-50 value.
  14. I don't know why, but people seem to be very low on Adams. I don't see why Adams can't sustain his current production and his role is secure in OKC. It's very close but I would take Adams over Middleton, maybe I'm crazy as well.
  15. 10 Team H2H Points League Harrison Barnes (22.4) or Tim Hardaway Jr. (21.8) Pretty much a wash at this point, but who would your rather have for the ROS? WHIR
  16. 10 Team H2H Points League: My: Klay Thompson (28.8) + Patrick Beverely (23.7) For: Steven Adams (32.9) Klay is solid, but has limited upside in a Points league. I'm liking Beverely, but Adams has been beasting, can he keep it up and return top 30-40 value? WHIR
  17. Buy Low: Draymond Green, Chris Paul, Jimmy Butler (maybe?), Mike Conley, Ricky Rubio, Kyrle Lowry, Karl Anthony Towns, Myles Turner Sell High: Malcom Brogdon, Tyreke Evans, LaMarcus Aldrige (sort of), Pau Gasol, Kris Middleton (sort of), Enes Kanter, Jaylen Brown (soon)
  18. 10 Team H2H Points League: My: Al Horford (33.5) + Klay Thompson (28) For: Draymond Green (32.9) + DeMar DeRozan (27.3) Trying to grab Draymond for the position eligibility. Thoughts? WHIR
  19. I am currently after Wall and am offering Schroder + Klay. McCollum + Millsap is fair, but I would probably want more for Wall.
  20. 10 Team H2H Points league: Jrue Holiday (26.6) or Paul Milsap (24.7) Who will finish the season better? WHIR!
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