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  1. Agreed, it depends if PHX moves Monroe. For now Henson.
  2. Both are fair. I like Melo/Butler for the buy low on Butler, but I'm also a believer that Butler will turn things around. Either way it is close. I would not do the second trade.
  3. 10 Team H2H Points League My: Dennis Schroder (31.1) + Klay Thompson (28) For: John Wall (35.4) Waiver wire is pretty deep and would like to clear room to stream. Thoughts?
  4. 10 Team H2H Points League: My: Al Horford (33.2) Dennis Schroder (29.6) Klay Thompson (28.3) For: Anthony Davis (47.0) Eric Bledsoe (???) Would love to hear your thoughts or any other combinations of my players for Davis and Bledsoe. As always WHIR.
  5. 10 Team H2H Points League My: Kevin Durant (40.8) Patrick Beverley (26.0) Jayson Tatum (24.9) For: Kyrie Irving (34.7) Kristaps Porzinigs (33.3) I will be proposing. Is this enough for Irving and KP? If not who should I offer? Thanks, WHIR. For: Kr
  6. Yeah I totally agree. Marc and Mike are sometimes too tough for their own good. It's a long season and I would rather them take some time off now and get back to full health.
  7. 10 Team H2H Points League Trying to put together an offer for: Jimmy Butler (25.8) 1) Dennis Schroder (29.6) + Jayson Tatum (24.9) 2) Klay Thompson (29.3) + Jayson Tatum (24.9) What do you think of these offers? The waiver wire is pretty stacked so I'm looking clear some space, the question is will Jimmy Butler turn it around and am I paying too much? Too little? WHIR!
  8. H2H Points League -Jeremy Lamb (22.4); has been killing it, but Batum is returning soon -Avery Bradley (17.9); has been turning it around the last few games Both are sitting on the wire, but I can only grab one. Who do I get? WHIR
  9. It's close, but I would go with Russell just because I don't know how Rondo will impact Jrue's production. Russell is going to get a lot of burn.
  10. Crowder. Drop Holmes and if Embiid goes down, swoop him back up.
  11. I would as well. I like Covington, but I would take Rubio over him.
  12. H2H 10 Team Points League My: Al Horford (32.3) Patrick Beverley (25.1) For: Bradley Beal (29.3) CJ McCollum (27.5) I will be the one proposing. The other owner needs a center and I would like to upgrade Beverley for a better trade piece. Thoughts? WHIR
  13. I also like stashing Rondo. I was just about to pick him up and he got swooped up.
  14. Nope, for reasons mentioned above I would not make that trade.
  15. I would take Avery Bradley over the two listed. All the players mentioned have low ceilings and out of them Avery has the highest floor.
  16. I'm an Ingles fan so I like that trade. I'd stick with Aminu over the guys you listed.
  17. I don't like the first trade, McCollum is not playing up to his draft price and Nurkic's presence is eating into shots. When trading a stud like Harden, I would want a 1st round talent back in return and Kristap has the potential, but I would still a little more back. The goal would be to win the trade if you're giving up the best player. Thanks for your reply on mine.
  18. 10 Team H2H Points League: (On the wire: TJ Warren, De'Aaron Fox, Avery Bradley, TJ McConnell, Willie Caulie Stein) Offer 1 My: Kevin Durant (40.8) Jayson Tatum (25.4) Patrick Beverley (25.1) For: John Wall (35.3) Draymond Green (31.3) Offer 2 My: Kevin Durant (40.8) Patrick Beverley (25.1) For: Nikola Jokic (38.6) Chris Paul (???) Offer 3 My: Kevin Durant (40.8) Al Horford (32.3) Patrick Beverley (25.1) For: Karl Anthony Towns (36.8) Blake Griffin
  19. 10 Team H2H Points League with a deep wire: My: Dennis Schroder (31.5), Klay Thompson (29.3), and Patrick Beverley (25.1) For: Nikola Jokic (38.6) and Jeff Teague (28.1) Thoughts? WHIR!!!
  20. I think you can get more for Wall. I personally like Turner a lot this season and he is a solid buy-low, but I would see if you an get a better second player in return.
  21. I like Jrue + Melo as well. Melo's name alone gives you a good shot of getting it done.
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