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  1. 10 Team H2H Points League 


    Trying to put together an offer for: Jimmy Butler (25.8)


    1) Dennis Schroder (29.6)  +  Jayson Tatum (24.9)


    2) Klay Thompson   (29.3)  +  Jayson Tatum (24.9)


    What do you think of these offers?  The waiver wire is pretty stacked so I'm looking clear some space, the question is will Jimmy Butler turn it around and am I paying too much?  Too little?  WHIR!



  2. I don't like the first trade, McCollum is not playing up to his draft price and Nurkic's presence is eating into shots.  When trading a stud like Harden, I would want a 1st round talent back in return and Kristap has the potential, but I would still a little more back.  The goal would be to win the trade if you're giving up the best player.


    Thanks for your reply on mine.

  3. 10 Team H2H Points League: (On the wire: TJ Warren, De'Aaron Fox, Avery Bradley, TJ McConnell, Willie Caulie Stein)


    Offer 1

    My:     Kevin Durant (40.8)     Jayson Tatum (25.4)     Patrick Beverley (25.1)

    For:     John Wall (35.3)          Draymond Green (31.3)


    Offer 2

    My:     Kevin Durant (40.8)      Patrick Beverley (25.1)

    For:     Nikola Jokic (38.6)      Chris Paul (???)


    Offer 3

    My:     Kevin Durant (40.8)                  Al Horford (32.3)        Patrick Beverley (25.1)  

    For:     Karl Anthony Towns (36.8)     Blake Griffin (35.1)     Goran Dragic (27.3)


    I will be the one proposing.   I just recently got Durant and would like to test the waters and see if I can get a good trade in return to upgrade my team.  What do you think of these offers?  WHIR

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