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  1. H2H Points League: My: Denis Schroder (31.5) + Klay Thompson (28.67) For: Nikola Jokic (38.6) Thoughts? WHIR.
  2. Yeah man, definitely take that trade. You're giving away the best player, which I hate doing, but you are getting great value in return. Jokic and Griffin have 1st round potential and Bledsoe has top 25 upside. I like it.
  3. H2H Points My: Mike Conley (22.3), Al Horford (33.3), and Klay Thompson (28.6) For: Kristaps Porzingis (34) Kyrie Irving (33.7) I posted a similar offer earlier with Jrue instead of Conley and the consensus was that the KP and Irving side won. Thoughts on this offer? Is giving up Conley instead of Jrue too much? Conley has been struggling with some foot issues but may be able to turn it around and finish in the top 20, or do I just send him off now and avoid any potential injury issues? Thanks. WHIR
  4. in a 20 teamer, I might have to go with Teague and Aldridge, but its really close and it's usually against my rule to give up the best player in a trade. Kemba is balling hard right now and Aldridge will cool down, but you are still getting a pretty good return in value. I would try to offer someone besides JV if you are weak at C
  5. Agree with the above. If you decide you want to go for assists, make the move for Rubio knowing that you will have to move several other pieces to be competitive in assists. Personally, I would stick with the original plan and build up your weaker cats.
  6. Ehh.. not sure how I feel about this news. I'm hoping he takes a few games off and gets back to 100% instead of aggravating his foot any further.
  7. Depends on the size of your league, but in a 12 teamer or under I would take the KD side. It is a fair offer, but you would need Middleton to string together a few more big games for the KD owner to bite.
  8. Yes, I would take this trade. Murray has been up and down and, although I think he will have a strong second half, Bledsoe is a great return for you.
  9. Lol. I was thinking the exact same thing looking at his roster before I even saw your response. Yes, I think go for Tatum, he is solid and for the most part undervalued.
  10. I agree with Dirty and would prefer Draymond as well, especially in a points league.
  11. Whoa.. got snap accepted. I hate trading Harden but Im glade to clear some room to use the wire and getting KD is never a bad feeling. Would love to hear what others think of this trade?
  12. I like Fournier side in this one, but it's very close. I think his numbers may drop, but he will still be a solid producer. That being said, i am trying to buy low on Bledsoe and selling high on Fournier is a good idea, but this doesn't seem that clear cut of a buy-low and sell high situation. Seems like a fair trade with risk involved. Any way you can do a 2:2 and upgrade one of your weaker pieces?
  13. H2H Points League: My: James Harden (41.6), Dennis Smith Jr. (18.5) and Robert Covington (25.1) For: Kevin Durant (40.9) and Dennis Schroder (31.6) Thoughts? WHIR
  14. H2H Points League My: Al Horford (33.3) Klay Thompson (28.6), Jrue Holiday (27.9) For: Kyrie Irving (33.7) and Kristaps Porzingis (34) Thoughts on this trade? WHIR.
  15. I agree with everyone, great trade for you. I'm trying to shop off Noel right now and would love that kind of return.
  16. In a 14 teamer, I would accept that trade. Really like KP this year and DSJ has a ton of upside.
  17. H2H Points League My: James Harden (41.9) + Mike Conley (23.2) + Al Horford (31.7) For: Anthony Davis (46) + Stephen Curry (40.9) Looking to clear up some room to use the wire. Some injury risk here, but is this a good trade? Does this trade look pretty fair to you? Would love to hear as many thoughts as possible (I would be proposing). Thanks and WHIR.
  18. H2H Points League My: Mike Conley (23.2) + Al Horford (31.7) For: Nikola Jokic (33.8) The buy low window has closed, but I would still like make an offer on Jokic. Is this fair? Too much? Too little? Would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks.
  19. H2H Points League Who will have the highest value by the end of this season: Klay Thompson (29.5) or Bradley Beal (27.2) Beal seems like a buy low candidate to me, but owner hasn't been budging. Last season Beal finished ahead of Klay, thoughts on trading Klay for Beal straight up? WHIR
  20. Points League H2H My: Klay Thompson (29.5) and Al Horford (31.7) For: Kawhi Leonard (???) Been having a hard time pulling off a 2:1 to clear some space. Thoughts on this trade? Is this enough for Kawhi? Is he worth the risk? WHIR.
  21. Points League H2H: My: DSJ (22.4) For: Ibaka (21) This trade was offered to me recently and it is pretty fair on paper, but I am looking for ROS value. Who will finish the year stronger? Who would you rather have? WHIR
  22. How many teams? I tend to go with the side with the best player, so I like the Wall side slightly more (especially since no TO's), but its close.
  23. I'm all for trading for Rubio, but you would be selling low way low on Dray. I'm currently offering Covington + DSJ for Ricky in a 10 teamer, but honestly I don't see that getting it done. You can try to do Cov + Lou, which seems a little low for me, but since it's a 14 teamer he may want the depth. Embiid 1:1 would be fair if you're scared of injury risks, but injury risks aside, Embiid may be in line for a monster season.
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