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  1. Mobdad, thanks you are right.


    Klay Thompson (29.5) 

    DSJ (23)


    Ricky Rubio (30.6)

    **Plenty of free agents in the 20-25 pts range (i.e. Bazemore, Oubre, Tj Warren, Dejounte Murray, etc)** 

    Because of the quality of the wire, I'd like to do a 2:1 to clear space to stream. For reference, last season Rubio finished (31.51) and Klay (26.08) and I'm wondering if I this would be a semi buy-low on Rubio.  

  2. Don't do that man.  You're looking at it totally wrong.  When calculating 2:1 trades you have too look at the combined values of the 2 players you are receiving vs. the 1 player you are giving up PLUS the most valuable player on the waiver wire.  


    Let's say Bledsoe and PG get 40 each (which would be their ceiling) and Giannis 55 (which would be his floor).  That means you only need someone of 25 value on the wire.  You would need significantly more, especially in a 10 teamer to make that trade even remotely close.  Personally I would never trade a top 5 player in a 10 team league without getting 2 guys who have consistently finished in the top 10-15. 


  3. My: Mike Conley and Al Horford or Mike Conley and Klay Thompson

    For: John Wall

    This is a points league so I'm just looking for pure long term value.  Wall has been slightly underperforming and I'm hoping to get him on the cheap.  Is this enough?  Too much?  Too Little?  Would love to hear your thoughts and of course WHIR.

  4. I think blocks and 3's would be your best areas to try to improve.  High %/volume FT shooters are hard to find so I wouldn't focus on that.  


    Players like: Miles Turner, Kristap, Lopez, etc.  Buying low on Ibaka might be an option although I don't expect much from him, but you could probably get him pretty cheap.

  5. Agreed.  Looks solid for a 14 teamer and having Giannis must feel great.  Very well rounded and it looks like you made some good grabs in the later rounds and off the wire.  What do you feel like your team is weak in?  Assists look like they could use a boost.  I tend to rate my team against the team I predict I will be seeing in the Finals and build accordingly.  What do you feel you are weak in and are there any players you're trying to target?

  6. I agree with Nospmoht04, it certainly isn't as clear cut.   That being said, I would most likely accept the trade as you have plenty of players I would easily drop for Simmons.  That and I absolutely love Lillard this year (and all years).  Wall and Lillard are close, Simmons tips it just enough for me.

  7. I'm all with trying to sell high on Vucevic but I would be aiming higher and trying to do a 2:1 for a quality player.  That being said, getting Bledsoe in return isn't terrible value but if I were to accept the trade, I would be looking to move Bledsoe as his role with the Suns isn't cemented and it is certainly possible he will be traded.

  8. I just recently traded Collison for Jrue.  May have overpaid, but I'm expecting better production from Jrue.  That being said, I'm not sure how Rondo will affect his performance when he gets back.  I would wait for Jrue to string together a few good games before shipping him out and aim for something higher.  Out of the two, I would take Capella.

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