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  1. So, ALOT if off season left, but does this put obj back into top 5 discussion? In no order: Hopkins, hill, julio, Devante Adams, Antonio Brown (I’m a David Carr is trash truther)???
  2. Tarp covered the field. I thought mud favors offense?
  3. It’s hard for me to understand anything you wrote, but I believe we are both fans of mike Williams this week and going forward.
  4. Gronk in a good position to do well tonight. You should feel confident.
  5. I'm in the exact same boat, KCO. Believe in Hogan!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. second year in a row as #2 facing #7 in a 10 team league, 10-3 record vs 4-9 record, LOSS Why Fantasy Football Gods?? Why????
  7. A lot of complaints about Ingram not getting the Ball. Pretty sure Ingram was getting fed, Saints only had the ball for approximately 24 minutes. Saints just didn't get that many plays. If anything, Saints D stunted Ingram with all their penalties to extend Falcon drives. No TDs, but I thought Ingram looked good considering his toe-woes. Ugly game all around.
  8. Any reason to think CWest is out? Hunt loses a lot of important playing time to CWest. I understood out last week for personal reasons, suggesting neither something injury related or likely to occur again. I want to believe in Hunt, but I'm looking at WR3 with upside as flexes over this guy (dede, Diggs)
  9. anyone have clips on this guy? I want to believe Kareem Hunt will bust out this weekend, but thinking of flexing Westbrook over him. Just grabbe this week and like to see film on him first. Twitter breakdowns, youtube, etc.??
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