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  1. Kawhi has chronic quad tendinopathy. It's not just a "few games at the beginning of the season" thing. It will be an issue for his whole career. Considering how big of a fiasco this was in the off-season, you'd think you'd look into a bit before drafting him no? He missed 24 games in 2012 and sat out of USA basketball in the summer because of it. Last year, he had myositis ossificans on top of it, which couldn't have been diagnosed right after his injury. Spurs thought it was only quad tendinopathy and a less serious issue than Parker's, which led to his teammates and Pops pressuring him
  2. thanks..I was wondering what new kind of dumb you were when you were crying so bad about a second round player having the value of a 2nd round player but no worries, you can learn from the best like me
  3. So you’re whining about a player drafted in the 2nd round providing low 2nd round value? I’m first in my league with Kawhi, so maybe you should be looking at the rest of your team. All you really need to do in H2H is to sneak into playoffs. If you can’t do that, then your team was never good enough to begin with.
  4. seems a bit TO prone lately..which is gonna kill me in roto hopefully he's just figuring things out
  5. If you're playing H2H and fighting for a playoff seed, then it might be a bit annoying. He's #11 overall on the season (#4 average ranking) in 9cat. So even with his injuries, he's providing end of 1st round/2nd round value in roto. Currently above Giannis, Irving, Harden, Butler, RWB, Simmons, CP3, Mitchell for season totals. He's played more games than Curry, RWB, CP3 and one less game than Harden and Butler. So not too shabby for a 2nd round pick
  6. I dropped..impatient and too much competition on the Suns
  7. I think Fiz tried out Knox for a couple games to see if he was any better, then realized that Vonleh was still the better option as a starter I'm on board..I believe Vonleh to have established his place as a starter now
  8. Yeah, I don't think giving advice is collusion. It could have been terrible advice too. An owner doesn't have to listen to that advice and he can think on his own, make his own decision based on the info. Might as well just read rotoworld..there are no secrets here. I guess we are all cheaters.
  9. what teams are gonna go after Wall? my guesses are the Suns for obvious reasons..and Knicks..cause they're the Knicks
  10. minutes are there at least if he's only averaging ~7 shots a night, you've got to expect scoring nights like these
  11. wish Raps got him instead of Poeltl in the draft..although I was worried about his short arms pre-draft. I guess talent trumps physical limitations. That JV/Sabonis Lithuanian connection would have been good for off-court chemistry. Siakam/Sabonis pairing would be awesome too. Then we give up Delon in the Kawhi trade.
  12. he looks a bit scrawny, not that it matters I can see why Raps wanted to trade Wright for him..he's like a better scoring/mid-range version of Delon
  13. I think he was 100% drafted in Yahoo, but a lot of people dropped him after a rough stretch
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