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  1. If I could go Hopkins, Ingram, ________, Watson I would be in heaven......
  2. Down 6.5 in .5 PT PPR. Got Nuk and Agholor to go and he is done. Already drinking in celebration!
  3. Glad I will be advancing to the champ round regardless or else I would be sooooooooo pissed at Freeman. What a bust this dude has been. He could still have a nice game but cmon man!
  4. No but something didnt go right in the tent. I would give him a 10-15% chance of returning.
  5. Benched him 30 mins before game time for my 1st Round pick Freeman. Boy do I feel stupid. 2 more decent match ups coming up though. It would help if Dak looked like a QB too.
  6. Its pretty accurate tbh. Last 2 games: 20 Carries for 19 Yards Season w/ 1/2 PPR: 4 Games with 10+ Pts out of 11 Games = 64% Failure He got a forecast bump in failure % for facing Houston's run defense this week. Plus I have seen him run. If there is any kind of a hole he...... 1. Stops inside of it 2. Stutters around left to right in disbelief 3. Falls face forward
  7. The person who wrote this is a true social justice dumb azz. Sure bud, Kaep will just come in week 13 and learn the offence instantly and be a better option than Savage. There's a better chance that he would protest playing after being named the starter before that happened. BLM YO!!!
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