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  1. He had 7 points 2 rebounds and 2 assists in the first quarter.....
  2. We all know at any point he can get injured but when he plays hes a mid rounder.
  3. i dont even think enough time passed for anyone to drop him.
  4. maybe they told him we are going to reward you by giving you the money cause you deserve it but we are looking not to keep you. No other reason a team would guarantee a contract and then days later tell the player on second though we dont want you.
  5. Vent: The Worst Basketball Fantasy Season of All Time Rant: This forum.
  6. this has easily been the worst fantasy season of all time.
  7. Ah he’s getting traded we all knew this would happen. I know they want to trade love but maybe there’s loyalty cause he was part of their only championship team.
  8. whats going on is Brogdon and Sabonis doing what they do best...look out for each other and thats it. Many times I see Lamb open calling for the ball but once it touches Sabonis or Brodgon hands its like they gotta take the shot or create a shot. Also I got to add they still treat Lamb like the 6th man which is understandable since he will be the 6th man once everyone is healthy but it doesnt help either when he plays 20-30 minutes while Brogdon and Sabonis plays 33-40+ mins a night
  9. you can tell when they play that they are best friends outside of basketball because all they do is look for each other moreso Brogdon to Sabonis (since hes their best player) than vice versa.
  10. hmmm every team so far has destroyed the nets offensively but here comes Jeremy Lamb and the Lakers and they got 27 points so far with 4 minutes left in the 2nd quarter lol. Lamb ZERO across the board with 1 turnover.
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