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  1. I wonder if RW will ever do a mea culpa on the trash they were piling on Montgomery throughout the season. Just a whole season full of bad takes.
  2. Trying to throw some speculation out there since it makes no sense. Dobbins did get a few snaps in there in this last series
  3. Ravens just resting Dobbins fresh legs for the playoffs?
  4. That Leonard Williams trade is paying off. I haven't been paying too much attention to how Peppers has done this year, but that OBJ for Peppers trade isn't the bad trade everyone was saying it was at the time
  5. I'm a Giants fan and pumped up as hell, but I still can't figure out how the Giants won. I feel like 90% of the offense came on those long Gallman runs and then Morris got those TDs. Colt didn't even have 100 yards passing until the 4th quarter - hopefully the Giants can repeat against a suddenly reeling Cardinals team
  6. At least Rotoworld has finally stopped ragging on him and trying to push for the Bears to play Lamar Miller as a viable replacement
  7. Gotta love it when game script doesn't pan out - this was supposed to be a high scoring affair... Hayden Hurst didn't get the memo
  8. Kenyan Drake with my 1st R/W/T/Flex TD in 3 weeks
  9. This reminds of years ago when KC had both Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones... Thomas Jones was the bruiser and Redzone/GL back and Charles did what the Ravens are trying to do with Dobbins... this feels like deja vu all over again with people having this debate between Gus and Dobbins. Only in this situation, it also looks like Mark Ingram is expected back this week as well.
  10. Can't blame Hopkins today - it's like he's drawn a DPI on almost every target
  11. Freeman's main value was a David Montgomery-like workload cause they didn't trust any of their RBs - but if Gallman proves it tonight, I don't see how he doesn't leap Freeman into the majority part of any RBBC - plus chances are Freeman isn't on the Giants next season
  12. I wonder if Gallman has a good game tonight, he'll get to play over Freeman - Freeman is clearly a rental this year
  13. Nevermind - just odd that the fumble return for a TD wasn't reviewed... or if it was that was a fast review
  14. Just yards and no TDs out of my team today: Kupp, Tee Higgins, Jamaal Williams, D-Mont (so far), Hurst, and Dobbins... coulda, shoulda had a bigger day out of this team... It'll be a miracle if I win. I'm facing Herbert... and I rolled Derek Carr with Murray on bye. My only hope is for his team to just be worse... and for the Eagles D to stop Zeke Elliot
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