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  1. Congrats Little Giants. Thanks for shafting me on that Wentz trade last offseason
  2. I can't seem to create a new topic on the yahoo message board right now but just a reminder that free agents will be locked starting this weekend until the rookie draft so pick up anyone you want to carry into the offseason this week.
  3. It’s all good. I accidentally started Myles gaskin myself too.
  4. I don’t really expect yahoo to do anything but the season could definitely be canceled or postponed. That’s a good point. We’ll see where things stand at the beginning of September.
  5. I’ve thought about adding an IR spot but I’m not sure how helpful it would be. If you have a player out with COVID, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to pick up a player that is worth starting but it is possible if their backup is on the wire. I’d be interested to hear other people’s opinions.
  6. I wasn’t planning to pick them up either. I mostly just wanted to bring it to everybody’s attention.
  7. What about the rookies that were drafted but not added to teams?
  8. You guys can start submitting waiver requests to me through Rotoworld or Yahoo. We'll end the waivers on June 9 at 8 pm eastern time and first come first serve free agency will begin at that time. Sexy Sacks Man also still needs to let me know who they want to drop to pick up Eno Benjamin.
  9. I need one drop from Sexy Sacks Man to pick up Eno Benjamin and two drops from El Iguanodon to pick up Donovan Peoples-Jones and Gabriel Davis.
  10. I’m not opposed to making it longer. Just to let you know, most years I only get about 3 waiver claims cause we use the weekly rolling waivers so it’s not a very big deal. That said, if the league would like to switch to FAAB, we could discuss that and it might change how things go.
  11. No tomorrow I’ll make sure all the draft picks get added to the teams and then we’ll have a waiver period for 2-3 days. And then after the waiver period it will be free for all. After I get the picks added to the teams I’ll announce the waiver deadline.
  12. 1- Joiquing Off - Chase Claypool WR PIT 2- DerrickHenry'sCleats - Van Jefferson 3- Houston Targaryens - Anthony Mcfarland Jr.4- The Haskins Experiment - Darrynton Evans RB TEN 5- Unemployed Sofa Kings - Bryan Edwards6- $1000 Bounty - @sportsguy217927- The Decimators8- IronCocks9- Wood Dale Bandits10- Tom With The Weather11- El Iguanodon12- Back 2 Back!!!!
  13. Round 4 Brady's Forte from Unemployed Sofa King DerrickHenrysCleats El Iguanodon from Sexy Sacks Man CreamySteelers IronCocks Little Giants Grey Ghost of Gouda Bao Dynasty Warriors Brady's Forte Pack Attack SouthernSteeler El Iguanodon
  14. I'm trading this pick and Evan Engram to Brady's Forte for Chris Herndon and Michael Gallup.
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