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  1. Benched Redskins D for Panthers just before kickoff. Redskins outscore Panthers by 23 points, I lost 22. Actually had them in all week until by chance reading Assistant Coach DST forum for first time all year and seeing some post from someone that was very matter of fact on how playing the Panthers over Redskins is a common sense move, which convinced me enough to make the switch. Had I not opened that thread, I would still be in the playoffs
  2. Will never forgive myself for dropping Akers after Week 11. He literally started turning things around the following week and is now looking like the bellcow. Totally did not see this coming. Probably the biggest gaffe in my 10+ years of playing football. F*** Brian Hill and Benny Snell!
  3. How do people feel about Drew Brees coming back next week? Any chance in hell that Taysom does well this week and they keep Brees on IR to give him "more time to heal" rather than bringing him back Week 15? I know there is no way Brees would be activated and not be named the starter (even if this were the case, I would certainly not risk playing Taysom vs. Chiefs with Brees named 2nd string QB). But is there likelihood Brees isn't back next week?
  4. Why does this look like Derek Carr?
  5. Was waiting for someone to break character, considering 9 of Sony's 11 carries came when the Patriots had a 35-0 lead, but it sounds like you guys are actually seriously questioning this? Cam Newton is the biggest problem (with James White a distant second), as far as Damien Harris is concerned.
  6. Mostert better be in there. Worried Jeff Wilson is the goal line back now. Welp.
  7. [...] It's been so hard to trust him ever since he put up 0 points [...] Is this guy a must start moving forward?
  8. We just gon' act like Tenner wasn't almost spot on here with the end result?
  9. Damn. Really wish Harris could get more work in red zone. It really sucks when he gets these 100 yard games and can't get rewarded with a goal line TD.
  10. I doubt Marrone is trying to tank with his job on the line. He is likely fired no matter what happens ROS, so he might as well try auditioning for the next gig (and also hope a miracle happens where he keeps his job) rather than tanking.
  11. Drafted and held onto Cam Akers all year on my bench. Finally decided I had enough and dropped him for Brian Hill las Wednesday (even before Todd Gurley was for certain missing the game). NOW he's looking like a potential league winner.
  12. What a joke. Could not believe he took it twice there.
  13. Completely agreed. Starter or not, if Tua is active, it is super risky to play Fitzpatrick.
  14. On cue, Adam Schefter just tweeted that Conner will be eligible to come off IR tomorrow but unlikely to play. Unclear to me whether he is just regurgitating the policy or if this means Conner’s condition has improved though. https://mobile.twitter.com/AdamSchefter/status/1335603966420398081
  15. Is Benny Snell a good hold beyond this week? Not as a handcuff but if there is any reason Conner would be out long term. I’m surprised we haven’t heard any updates here.
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