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  1. Thx for the input! I would kick myself if Lamar was on my bench and Herbert burnt me again for the 3rd week....love what he's done so far and the ATL matchup in the dome sounds promising...but if Lamar goes off and Herbert throws another dud, it'll drive me nuts haha. The team I am playing is better than mine, as well so looking for the homerun swing too if that factors in at all
  2. Leaning quite a bit toward the reigning MVP after seeing him look decent last week....any opinions?
  3. I would go kerwynn in flex for sure. Also I like the seal at TE over witten. Witten has been cold
  4. Evans or cooper kupp to go with landry, Josh Gordon. Howard or Alfred Morris to go with burkhead. Do I really bench my first two draft picks?
  5. Hey what's up man? New to the site, just trying to meet some more fans. Who are your favorite teams? Big Pacers, Cubs, and Packers fan myself.

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