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  1. Their oline is good as a run blocking unit.
  2. The only reason I give him 15% is because this was year 1 back from hip surgery. I'm willing to see what an off-season of training vs rehab does for him. There's no lower body explosion or bat speed as all.
  3. Then he better rework his delivery and arm swing like Giolito did. Otherwise this inconsistency will continue.
  4. More like there's a 85% chance he's completely finished.
  5. Interesting. So he's coming back as a reliever this season.
  6. They love Naylor and are committed to making him an OF.
  7. He's a f'ing moron that has no business managing a MLB team. And the guy that hired him is a bigger idiot if he doesn't fire him immediately after the season is over.
  8. They are a few minor tweaks from being a high quality club next year. I do think their flaws this season are too much to overcome.
  9. They also have the worst manager and up the middle defense by a mile of that group. That means they'll literally give away games they should win.
  10. I'm not a Yankee fan at all and I think people are underselling Frazier. I'd take him alone for an expiring Wheeler. McNeil should be at 3b, not LF.
  11. No No That already exists. There are stats that take into account league and home park. Absolutely
  12. Shaw isn't the type of player Detroit should be acquiring. They need multiple minor league bats with upside rather than a mediocre 30 year old MLB bat. And the one thing they seem to be able to do is find/ develop SP. Burns doesn't have as much value to them. I seriously question their professional scouting department and how well they scout the AA and lower levels.
  13. David Bell is an absolute disaster.
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