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  1. well, i dont like either of those guys but i'll probably listen anyways.
  2. its ok, im very familiar with lupe. i own "food and liquor" and listened to "the cool." i even have some of his old mixtapes. i'm also from chicago....and i think he SUCKS! hes gotta be the most overrated rapper of the past couple of yrs. none of my circle of friends, at least those that still listen to hip-hop, like him. the only time i see or hear about him being one of the game's best is on the internet. i never got his appeal. BTW new reks album dropped today, cop it. musically its 100x better than "untitled".
  3. -nope, never before released and it'll be a 1 time limited pressing. its called "demented thoughts." -only time i ever saw kool keith was when he was in his dr.doom phase. -herb mcgruff was in big L's crew C.O.C. harlem cat who released an ok solo LP 10 yrs ago then disappeared.
  4. it helps when your older brother is a DJ. BTW, are you familiar with the cenobites? they just released this limited pressing (200 i think) of previously unreleased mid 90s tracks. tryin to get my hands on a hard copy, but i doubt it'll happen. starting price is 80 bucks. its the 2nd of 5 limited pressings. its being sold by the same people who released herb mcgruff's demo EP.
  5. nah just wondering if you were down to trade. just link me to your e-bay if you ever put those up. im always looking for more vinyl. i've been buying 12"s since i was maybe 13. couldnt tell you how many pieces i got, but if you're looking for somethin lemme know. i got a bunch of breakbeats, funk and electro, but my specialty is mid 90s (94 to early 98) indy hip-hop. i know which blogs you're referring to...my buddy used to be one of the main contributors in that circle.
  6. mixed bag today: crystal antlers EP (prod by mars volta's keyboardist) al green's latest album jay electronica mixtape A$$holes by nature album sigur ros' new one and notwist-the devil, you + me
  7. hey swish, dunno if you're a fan of z-ro but have you checked out the new ABN?
  8. you saying that primo and others of his ilk cant produce laid back, chill beats? primo, pete rock and extra p's beats hit me like a metronome and make me completely zone out and really get me into the lyrics. to me, that style of heavy drummed, subtle jazz sample with chops, stabs and scratches based hip-hop suits nas to a T. hes got a grimey voice and a poetic, fragmented, non-sequitor style full of imagery. those "metronome" beats are perfect for him. besides, nas will never sound right over hyped beats cuz his flow isnt that versatile. nas' lyrics are guided, angry and on point. his flow is still effortless, but im not getting anything from them. im glad hes actually trying to say something, but in the end is he really saying you havent heard before? its like the dude is trying to be chuck D, but hes far from that. IOW, i disagree with your opinion that he's kicking "knowledge." its like socio-cultural bitching for dummies. have you actually ever heard him speak or try to explain his concepts outside of the studio? he sounds retarded, so i dont take him too seriously. but thats not a huge qualm of mine, at least hes saying something else. that being said, i stopped listening to hip-hop for the lyrics a LONG time ago. when it comes to MC's im more about voice, flow, cadence, cleverness, and patterns. nas still has that, so i still respect him as an MC. he just makes terrible albums cuz he has no ear for beats. im not expecting another illmatic, im just expecting halfway decent beats that arent this bland and generic so i can actually make it through one of his songs. BTW, that sample on "you cant stop us" has been used by at least 3 other mcs (doom, ill bill, rza...and more that i cant think of right now). that interpolation of the sample is the worst ive ever heard. i loved 90s hip-hop. i grew up on that stuff so i still hold onto the genre even though i listen to all types of music. to me, that music was timeless and ages well becuz of the level of musicality and the raw, more organic quality of the hip-hop back then. nas' selection of beats (again, outside of "fried chicken") is typical of today's hip-hop. its robotic, synthetic, artificial and lacking in soul. the beats on this particular album are even worse becuz theyre so damn boring. i'll wait for someone to do nas' mc'ing justice. this album is terrible.
  9. all i gotta say about the album is that, outside of "fried chicken", i cant wait for the accapellas to come out. nas still has a terrible ear for beats. i was right, i like the mixtape more than the album. pretty deflating to say the least, but then again, i havent had high hopes for a nas album in yrs. the man just has no clue from a musical standpoint and sounds akward on his beats. seriously, why cant nas reach out to large pro, primo, L.E.S....pete rock, kev brown, etc. or actually keep a dj khalil song his album? ("esco lets go" bangs)? the beats are so watered down and sugary that i cant finish most of the songs on the album no matter what nas has to say. sprinkle in some stupid hooks to go with the wack beats and its something i cant even ride to. its a sad day in hip-hop if this is considered the best of the yr. im probably just some old fart whos ears cant adjust to todays hip-hop, but i cant see how some of yall actually enjoy these beats. theyre so bad that they make nas' raps forgettable.
  10. ouch. mic T's the only one i like out of this new chi-town hipster BS. he's vicious. hopefully he sticks to his roots and doesnt become another one of what this city's been producing lately....you catch him throwing up "folks" at the end? also, i've met mazzi before. my buddy brought me up to the studio when i visited him and mazzi worked on WKCR. hes actually cool people, but i dunno where his heads at.
  11. yeah, they shouldve picked a different name for their band though. 2 piece band, the + a color + plural noun... sound familiar? their sound is surprisingly full for a 2 piece. they must get hooked up in the studio. anybody seen them live?
  12. good looks. gotta check my blogs tommorrow. i still listen to n****noize weekly. sick tape.
  13. "fried chicken" is more my type of beat. he also has this song where he raps just over an untouched david axelrod track a la ghostface. good stuff. i have a feeling that mixtape will be > than the album. nas makes terrible decisions on tracks like that, hence the existence of "lost tapes"
  14. im not a fan of kanye. best mc? hell no. best entertainer, maybe. IMO, he should put the mic down and just stick to producing r&b/pop.
  15. how can you bring up clint mansell and not mention "Lux Aeterna"? sick song
  16. why would you want that song? there's a reason why it was left off the US retail version of the album. it was slated to be on the album but was pulled becuz of negative feedback i liked the story behind the song, but the execution was weak IMO.
  17. ehh its not that great IMO. really slows down towards the end of the album. too many (wack) guests, too many weak hooks, the beats are hit or miss. my favorite tracks are still the ones that were leaked months ago. game theory > rising down
  18. the roots- criminal new album is ok after a skim, initially doesnt sound as good as game theory, but i'll give it a few spins tonight.
  19. a likkle bit of everything... MIA Paper Planes (so what?) Neutral Milk Hotel Two Headed Boy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-PIoST0Odk (suck a** claymation, but there's no official video) Group Home Suspended in Time http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=chW-_sGuOVc B.U.M.S Let the Music Take Your Mind
  20. some stuff in my playlist today: andrew bird- imitosis muse - plug in baby burial- etched headplate http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZJPcBSZa70Q caribou -melody day battles- tonto
  21. just got my radiohead in rainbows box set today. rockin disc 2. this is my jam right now down is definitely the new up
  22. havent kept up with that story. did they find out how he died? OD? heart attack? did he go out like DJ screw? sucks though, just when UGK was finally getting their just due. i'll bump int'l players anthem for em. super tight and ridin dirty have been in heavy rotation for over 10 yrs right now i got this ghostface bootleg going right now. its ghost tracks produced by RZA, ayatollah, doom, pete rock, danger mouse, alchemist, get large and more.
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