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  1. Not to make this a d measuring contest but this statement is hilarious to those of us in 16T leagues
  2. https://www.nbcsports.com/edge/basketball/nba/player-news/10069451 *index finger begins twitching uncontrollably*
  3. Are you serious? Roto is perfect for avoiding this crap. You get 82 games at each position so if a guy gets load managed you can plug someone else in to fill those games.
  4. Patience for those of us in deep leagues. He's getting the mins and usage, just needs to acclimate to his new situation.
  5. If you check transaction trends on Yahoo just after midnight pdt on any given day, for some reason Vince Carter is the top player listed 😂😂😂
  6. Working on a Poole of my own over here... Sploosh
  7. Last stop for the Bertans express 😭
  8. Literally dropped him today for Poole. Couldn't stand the middling production.
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