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  1. Hey Guys I have Derrick Henry and Corey Davis and Edwards Helaire. Debating on Davis or Helaire in my flex. I'm a 13 point dog and 2 of my guys have played. A Rodgers and D.J. Moore. I'm leaning towards Helaire because Davis and Henry are on the same team. Great matchup for Davis horrible matchup for Helaire. Looks like Bell is out the mix for the most part. Helaire got over 20 touches last week and could get a td or 2. Have had Davis in there all week... Tough decision! Please help
  2. Thanks for your input!!! Scary Terry!!! Too consistent to worry about the matchup. Frisco's could fall behind and not run as much. I have Hasty as well and I'm benching him for Marvin Jones Jr.
  3. I have Jordan Reed in my IR and I need to play him tonight because I have Goedert on a bye. Who would you drop? Zach Moss or Jordan Wilkins? Reasons? I think Wilkins is the right decision because of the time share but don't want to make a big f up... WHIR. Thanks!!!
  4. Surprisingly quiet in here... 24 targets in two weeks and almost 33 points in full PPR in that time. Looks like this guy isn't cooked after all... Could end up being a wr2 possibly because he's doing this without touchdowns. With td's could possibly turn into a wr1... Congrats to anyone who held on to him or grabbed him off the wire when he got dropped. Cheers
  5. Thanks for the help!!! Patrick!!! Go with the upside!!!
  6. Thanks for replying to mine sir... I would go with Brown just because Julio could aggravate his injury and Brown looked good last night and got a lot of targets. I know no Corey Davis there last night but Brown is still the number 1... Or you could defy all logic and just play Julio because sometimes that's the best option... ;)
  7. Hey guys have DJ Moore and want to get some value after this last game. I only have 3 wr right now but only 2 wr spots on my team. Have Thielen and Woods and Moore. My backs right now are Henry, Drake, Henderson, Fournette and Harris. What's good is I have Fournette in case he takes Jones job but I have a feeling Jones is going to keep the starting job. But just in case... I'm worried about Drake big time and Henderson a lil bit. I'm actually working with the same guy trying to get Mostert because I would rather have him than Jones. But I figure I can work the wire on my bye weeks when
  8. New quarterback that can throw the ball and Cohen out for the year... maybe this guy might have value for the rest of the season now??? Anyone watch the game? I just saw a couple highlights with him but that's about it. How's he looking? What y'all think?
  9. Kittle hurt... sneaky pick up? heard he has looked good in practice...
  10. I personally believe he only got run because it was a blowout and they didn't want McCoy getting hurt when Darrel and Damien were already hurt as well. He got all 11 carries when they were up 31-3 and then he got the td that drive as well. They ran it 11 out of 14 plays that drive to put them up 38-3. Last drive was a Matt Moore knee to end the game so the drive he got all the carries was their last drive of the game when it didn't mean anything. I think sites calling him the pickup of the week is crazy and I think anyone who plays him in the playoffs is even crazier... Gl though y'all wh
  11. Drop Slayton for him or does Slayton have a chance to steal the #1 role?
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