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  1. For reference, I'm starting Wofford over Allen (2 QB league), and almost dropped Allen today for KeeSean Johnson. Week 17 is ridiculous.
  2. Now that the Jets have blown Tank for Trevor, watch them score 40 on the Browns next week.
  3. He's not injured, take this to the game-day thread.
  4. As Confucius once said "If you have three running backs, you have none."
  5. Harbaugh need to view last night's game tape on Akers immediately so he can get a damn clue.
  6. Now I liked it, and liked yours for liking it. Now if Kenny doesn't practice tomorrow, I have to seriously think about dropping him so my first-round opponent can pick him up and score a 30 - I know that's how this whole mess is going to shake out.
  7. I'm not buying the Niners being out of the playoff race, so if you can hold on IR at this point, ride it out.
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