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  1. Trying to decide between them and the Panthers. GB certainly seems like they are ranked too low this week.
  2. When did Wilson become the hurry up/pass catching back. Livid at Mostert’s usage.
  3. Inset bad word here. I even picked up Bell in case CEH didn’t play but left him in when I saw he was active.
  4. Me too. Wasn’t excited to see Bell start.
  5. ESPN dropped his points to .01 in my league but can’t find any info on Tua starting.
  6. Not sure why people are leaving off Thomas but I would go him, Mostert and Jefferson.
  7. If he doesn’t, I like Dez for a revenge game against Dallas.
  8. It’s 12 team 2 QB league so I am lucky I picked up Trubisky today. Glennon and Darnold is about all that is out there. I lost Dak as one of my Qb’s to start the season.
  9. This! I like Dobbins but he could lose goal line carries to Edwards. Booker should be the man.
  10. Don’t sit Dobbins, I am still having nightmares what Drake did to the Dallas D. They are awful and their offense will be bad missing 2 linemen, the Ravens should have lots of time with the ball.
  11. Juju ( all Pitt does is throw) and Pittman, maybe Kupp instead of Pittman but I like Pittman’s matchup better. help with mine please
  12. Gore - can’t trust who is the back of the week in Indy Engram Aiyuk help with mine please
  13. CEH might make that decision for you but I will say Taylor. You never know what what Indy will do with their backfield. thanks for the help on mine.
  14. 2 QB league and have to choose between Hill, Cam and Trubisky. 4 pts passing. pretty much decided on Hill. Am I getting suckered into starting Trubisky because Cam had suck a bad week last week? I like Cam’s rushing TD potential but I definitely am a what have you done for me last week kind of guy. What would everyone else do?
  15. Goedert got me a 20.5, so he must have found him after all those 3 and outs.
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