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  1. I just lost by 0.36 due to that Sanders two point conversion. Needed the win to stay alive for another week to see if I could sneak into the final Playoff spot. I would like to send a special shoutout to Derek Carr and his faucet like production of 1.60 points this week. I hate everyone!
  2. For the record, this thread is beyond hilarious, lmao! I'm officially in my 21st year of fantasy sports. I only play Football and Basketball so that my "Off Season" is the summer. I definitely have had more highs than lows over the past 21 years I've been doing this but it's comes at some cost. The ROI is usually never worth the amount of time I dedicate to this, but the silver lining is that my winnings almost always pays for one of my annual vacation that I like to take in January. Like others, my mood has been affected after "certain" loses in the past, but I've realized I haven't felt
  3. I have Chalk and Scary Terry ranked pretty neck and neck and higher than DJ Moore. It's a coin flip for me, but if you put the hammer to head, I would probably go with McLaurin
  4. Nah, Stay with the better play which is Philly. Even if the Chiefs blow the Texas out tonight, the Texas will still put points on the board.
  5. Since your pretty solid at WR, I would prefer Ruggs since he's can play the X-Factor Home Run hitter role on your team. Raiders usually play the late slate of games being on the West Coast. If your chasing a lot of points after the 1 o'clock games, then I rather have the Boom Potential of Ruggs to help get me back into my matchup more so than Lamb who will have a better floor than Ruggs, but won't offer more upside when you're chasing points.
  6. He's a crazy person if he wants either of those two over Chark, but lucky you if that's the case. Ryan and either of the two would do then. I would prefer to give him Marlon Mack over Green if you can. I think Jonathan Taylor will be the 1A in that backfield no later than week 5
  7. It's out of Duke and Edwards, but if it was me, I would go with Duke due to the shootout potential in tonights game. I think Edwards would go for something in the neighborhood 5 for 76 with maybe a score. If you believe Duke can beat that, go with Duke.
  8. Marvin gets my vote with Kenny G. a little banged up and with Jalen Reagor looking like he'll be in the lineup on Sunday. If you asked a day ago, it would have been the other way around.
  9. Gibson is too much of an unknown in his first NFL start. I hate Howard this week so the play for me would be Lindsey. Especially if Sutton (Shoulder) is out or limited as his status will compromise Denver's passing game a bit. Plus with Melvin Gordon complaining about playing in thin air, I think it buys Lindsay a few more touches.
  10. Same, Fuller and Metcalf. I just have an odd feeling it's going to be the Marlon Mack show on Sunday against Jacksonville.
  11. Who's your current QB? If you have somebody like Kyler Murray or Russell Wilson, then a combination of one of them with D.J. Chalk should do. If your holding somebody like Rodgers and/or Stafford, it "might" still work, but you probably are going to have to throw in a sweetener.
  12. Love it. My only tweak would be to swap out Doyle for Smith (Personal preference) but you're good either way. Great job!
  13. Not to pile on, but I think Hollywood is the better of the two. Especially, with this being his 2nd year in the offense while this only being Cook's first year in his offensive. Also, the most obviously reason, Cook's concussion and injury history.
  14. Personally, I would play Fuller over Cooper this week not only due to the Ramsey/Cooper matchup, but mainly due to the shootout that the Chiefs/Texans game should end up being.
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